Angel Of Death: The Night They Drove Ol’ Dixie Down, Chapter Nineteen: I’ve Been Everywhere

Officers in the Vampire Nation make poor soldiers. Hell. The soldiers make poor soldiers. I suppose this is because they tend to rely on sheer numbers to overwhelm rather than to actually fight. Victory through numbers.

I am amused by their incompetency as I easily slice through every vampire I encounter. I make sure that no alarms can be raised by hitting their communications room and taking out the machinery. I smile. Cut off their ability to coordinate and they soon lose all direction.

I cannot falter now. It is too late to turn back. I have to finish what I started. No time to second guess myself. No time to make errors in judgment.

But then, I have never been one to back out after I started something. Nor have I ever second guessed myself. I have a;ways followed through. Even when it has been the wrong thing to do.

My mind is on one thing alone. Destroy Tarkus and his army. Beyond this, I have only two other battles left. Savanna and Mobile.

I clear my head by clearing the corpses from the city hall. The heads I collect in some buckets I find in back. Some who died were not vampires. Still, I behead them just the same. Need to leave warnings for any human who decides to help the Vampire Nation. They are not welcomed here.

Human heads go into one bucket, vampires in another. I leave the mark showing that each human was a familiar so it is understood that they worked for the vampires.I don’t need any misunderstandings. Not with the Partisan. Or anyone else, for that matter.

Once I am done, I search every government building. Court houses. Legislative buildings. Road department and city administrative buildings. Any familiars and vampires I find, I kill.

I reach the Governor’s mansion near dark. I find the security here heavier than anywhere else. Good. That means Tarkus is inside with his core command team.

I smile. Finally. I have a challenge. I must get into the mansion without causing too much of a commotion.

Not a problem. The darkness should help me in my endeavor. This is going to be fun. But not for the security.

I dance in and out of the deepening shadows, taking down the security one vampire and familiar at a time. It takes me very little time to rid the grounds of those security officers on the ground level. Garrotes work well with those standing near the pillars. They remove the heads cleanly.

Slipping the heads into other buckets and leaving them at the door, I enter the mansion. With no real source of electricity, they have reverted to using torches. Good. That leaves doors in shadows. This gives me cover.

It also means that any security camera is useless. They cannot see me coming. My first target is communications. I want to leave the army out there without a leader.

How they are communicating is beyond me. Unless they have a backup generator for communications alone. Then it would make great sense. But it would also make them seem a bit naive.

Still, vampires aren’t the brightest bulbs in the basket. Not much on thinking things through. Like their strategy. their every move leaves a lot to be desired.

I make my way to communications. There is only three com officers in the room. Is there a barracks attached? Or will I find the rest in the security offices? I don’t know. Right now, I should only be concerned with these three.

I make quick work of all three. Not one see me coming. After the last com officer falls, I start looking for a door to another area. Other than the one I came through.

It takes some doing, but I find the hidden door. Tapping it open, I go through and follow the corridor. It is dimly lit by torches, but easy to follow. It leads me to hidden quarters, somewhere beyond the mansion.

Here, I find the rest of the com officers. I easily dispatch them all. Odd. Not one of them had been armed. Not one was a real soldier. Such a shame.

I take the heads back with me into the com room and add them to the pile there. slipping back into the hall just beyond the main door, I begin sliding quietly down the hall in search of other offices to clear. Most of the rooms are deserted. Those that aren’t are easy to clear.

Finally, I find myself standing just beyond the “governor’s” office. My last room had been security. With the whole command already dead, there is only one left. Tarkus.

“I have been waiting for you, Angel Of Death.” A deep voice booms from within. “Although you aren’t exactly what I expected. You’re no more than a woman.

“I have ways of dealing with women.” He rises, drawing a sword, and moves from the desk. “Even seasoned warriors like yourself. I have lived centuries. Fought many wars alongside mankind. Been privy to many truths. And you are all of what? Forty?”

I smile. “My age is none of your concern. As for your ability to deal with women…you will find that I am no ordinary woman. I was trained by warriors who were old even before you were born. Or turned. Whatever your fate was.

“Your experience means nothing to me. I have fought warriors far older than you and killed them. You are just another vampire who is too full of himself. No one lives forever. Not even Kalkolides. I don’t care what he has told you.”

He smiles evilly. “Well, then. Let’s see who is the better fighter. Just remember, though, I don’t fight fair.”

I nod. “Of course not.”

He crosses the office to stand in front of me. He leaves just enough space to allow us to do battle. He isn’t very impressive either, where height is concerned. But height doesn’t necessarily make a warrior. Still, it is hard not to size him up. even this tells me that this battle is not going to be a quick one.