Angel Of Death: The Night They Drove Ol’ Dixie Down, Chapter Eighteen: I’m Moving On

I dance with ease through the converging onslaught. Their blades fall harmlessly to the ground as I weave my lethal web. Their leader, the one who demanded my intent, is among the first to fall. I do not count how many fall. I simply turn them all to corpses.

When it is over, I look around at the carnage. I am surprised that the vampires aren’t better at waging war than they are. Still, I shouldn’t be. After all, they are used to having human familiars waging their wars. Or subverting governments through deception and illusions. They are master manipulators, not men-at-arms. They rely on pawns to do their dirty work.

Just beyond the carnage, a pile of pike sticks have appeared. I smile. Angel. He is always with me, no matter where I am. Always supplying me with weapons and needed objects.

I take the time to cut the heads from the bodies. The heads, I pile near the city limits. The bodies, I pile a little further off. These, I will set ablaze. The heads, on the other hand, will be put on the pikes as a warning to others from the VN.

As I light the last pyre, I know that those on the opposite side of the city can see the smoke that is now rising. I hope to draw them into the city with all that I do. I only hope that they do not skirt the city to find out what is going on. That would not be good.

But I am giving them more credit than they deserve. I have never known vampires to be intelligent enough to go around a city to find out where smoke is coming from. They have gone through, however. I know they have.

Except those who were on the east and west sides of the city. They flood from the shadows and meet death as they do. I love dealing death. I relish each and every one. When it comes to vampires, I really do form a kind of blood lust.

I throw the bodies on the pyres. The heads I put in gunny sacks and start out with them. Angel appears. “Not so fast.”

I turn toward him. “What do you mean, not so fast?”

He smiles. “Exactly what I said.” He takes hold of the bags. “I’ll take these and leave them where you need to put them. When you have finished in there,” he points toward the city, “you can add the heads you take there to the ones here.”

I nod. “Alright.”

I hand him the bags and he vanishes. I know he has left and I am alone again. I only hope that he doesn’t end up getting caught. Can’t afford to lose another ally. Even if he can’t fight.


The outskirts are seemingly deserted. Not a movement can be seen. Even the air here is still. Almost too still.

As I slip from shadow to shadow, I slip into each house and explore. Strange how they are all still in such great condition. But, then, DC fell from within, not from the outside. The Vampire Nation took this city through slowly removing the human leadership. The leadership that had remained human fled once they were outnumbered. The smart humans also fled. West.

But all that is a lifetime away. Just like the part of my past where mama and papa were still alive. And peace was still on earth. And life was worth actually living, not just existing.

I am surprised that the vampires who were to the south haven’t met me yet. Perhaps they were given strict orders not to move from their positions. I haven’t a clue. Whatever the reason, they aren’t in the city limits yet. Is there fighting beyond sight? Perhaps.

I keep watch behind me. Can’t afford to fall in a trap. Can’t afford to let them get behind me. Not that I can’t fight my way out of a trap. I just don’t have the time to waste on cutting my way through another army. Not going to happen.

An alarm is sounded from the south. An attack is taking place. Good. That means that I won’t have to deal with the main force.

I can only hope that whatever defense is left inside the city is now far less than the defense outside that is now ensnared by whoever is attacking. I move on from where I have been hiding in the shadows. From house to house I go. Deeper into the city. Closer to My target.

But first, I need to find the breeding pens. I need to free the blood-slaves. I need to remove their source of food. I need to empty the city.

I find the pens easily. Breaking the locks is a breeze. The pens, though, reek of death. I wave the humans out of each pen.

“Go north.” I point back the way I have come.

They nod and are gone. I only hope that they can be rehabilitated. Some looked too far gone. Not my concern now. I did my part. They are free.

I am surprised that the pens were so close to Tarkus’ command center. Though I know nothing of Tarkus, I do know that most vampire generals are gluttons. They hold blood feasts for their command chain. Horrid monsters.

I emerge from my thoughts as I step into the clearing that is just a few yards from city hall. Here, I know that I will find Tarkus’ lesser staff. Tarkus’ central command will be at the governor’s mansion. My idea is to take city hall without destroying it. Damaging it is another problem altogether. Still, I know I can take out part of the command chain without actually destroying a building. I only hope that the place is not rigged. It wouldn’t be the first time.

I swiftly clear the distance of the clearing. Apparently, I have not been spotted. Good. Means I can take them out before they see it coming.