Angel Of Death: The Night They Drove Ol’ Dixie Down, Chapter Seventeen: Ninety Miles An Hour Down A Dead End Street

I am amazed at how easy the vampire generals are to kill. I believed that Floods would be harder to take down. Instead, he was way too easy. I don’t like easy. I like a fight.

But the fight seems to be lacking. It makes me feel as if I am headed into a trap. Again.And I don’t like traps.

Still, even traps offer opportunities. Sometimes, the offer the best opportunities. So I keep going. Watch out, DC, here I come.

At every turn, a new obstacle is thrown in my path. But I don’t run into any more vampires. Strange. Defense should be tougher to get through. Or are they holding their defense in closer to the city?

Who knows. Perhaps. I don’t really care. My only desire is to cleanse the city of vampires. Not to worry about the things I have no answers to. I will know son enough about the defense issue as well as the issue of the feeling it is all a trap.

Now, I focus on what lays before me. This journey is being made as a mission of mercy. I know what the vampires do to the humans that inhabit the cities they have taken. It isn’t pretty.

But neither is what happens to those who are imprisoned as breeding stock. They lose their humanity and begin acting like animals. Perhaps it is because they are treated like cattle, not men and women. Half the time, those in the breeding pens are naked and depraved. They are stripped of all pride in themselves.

Underfed, often mistreated, they are reduced to eating whatever the vampires throw to them. In most instances, these scraps are the leavings from what the vampires feed upon, including human remains along with other animals. I have seen the breeding pens first hand. I saw them in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The sight stays with me still.

I shake free of the memories. That is why I continue to wage my war against the Vampire Nation. No one deserves to live and die in those conditions. It is far worse than what had been when I was young. Before I was…awakened.


A week has passed. I am now at the outskirts of Washington, DC. I should say, a mile from the outskirts. I am scouting, finding enemy positions. I was right. They kept the main defense close to the city. They were expecting some sort of attack.

perhaps they were expecting a large scale attack. That is the impression I am getting. There are way too many legions massed in my path for just a single operative like myself. Were they expecting an assault led by Pride?

I don’t believe so. Perhaps there is another major Partisan army in the area. Perhaps in Virginia? I don’t know.

A hushed voice brings me out of my thoughts. “Hold, child.” I turn to see a wizened old man who looks as if he has branches growing from his head and moss covering his body. “They don’t know you are here yet. Nor should you make your presence known yet. They have spotted several regiments of Partisan troops to their south. The Partisan are on the move, and no one knows why. Not even the vampires.”

I look at him. “I care not what the Partisan does. I do not fight for them. Nor do I fight for the Alliance. I fight for all humanity and elder kind. Besides. I know you not.”

He smiles. “I am the Green Man. Some call me the Old Man Of The Forest, but I am who I am. I am ancient and know when the land cries for vengeance. It has called me out of seclusion. It wants me to destroy these parasites.”

I smile. “Then you are the one my father called the earth father.” I take his hand. “I am Cris. they call me the Angel Of Death. I, too, seek to destroy these parasites.”

His smile widens into a grin. “Then let us cleanse the earth of them together. A touch from me will make you one with the earth.”

I feel a strange energy course through me, and then the earth’s voice fills my ears. Her rage fills me. Her sorrow burns into my thoughts. Her pain enters my heart and soul. I am one with her. And she, with me.

I pull away. “What have you done?”

He smiles sadly. “I have united with you. Understand that I cannot fight in this form. I must become a part of another. Give another the Mother’s soul. Please. Do not fear. Now, you cannot die unless the earth dies. I have destroyed whatever bond was between you and your doppelganger. you are no longer tied to her, but her life has now a definite end. Now you, alone, can fight and destroy all vampires and Fallen. But they have no power over you. Now. Go. Make yourself known to those in the city. Destroy them. Free the humans, both mentally and physically. Bring them back to being one with the earth. Go.” He vanishes as quickly as he appeared.

I will have to ask Grady or Truva, should I find him, about the Green Man. So many questions remain unanswered. And with every answer, there are new questions. Sometimes, I have to wonder why I am the one always chosen. No matter. No time to ponder.

I break out of my thoughts and emerge from my wooded hiding place. The vampires nearest me suddenly notice me and assemble to block my advance.

One of them emerges from the group. “Halt! State your business!”

I continue walking toward them, knowing I am challenging them. Still, I do not care. I smile. “I am the Angel Of Death. I come to Rid DC of vampires. The time of cleansing has arrived. The earth has spoken.”

His expression goes from total surprise to pure hate. “Men, take her! Let her die by our blades so that we might show our leader her head!”

He lifts a horn to his lips and sounds the advance, grabbing the attention of the other legions in the area. Good. I am ready for a real fight. a mere thirty grows to thousands. Too bad the others aren’t here to join the fray.


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    1. almost to the end of this story. I have one more, then I can pause on this story and return to my “Morrow Family Saga”. I tend to take breaks with each series so as not to burn out. Might actually return to another, older series I started sometime in the near future. Been holding off until I could get publishing rights back from the vanity I went through before I began self-publishing. Don’t know yet, though.

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