Angel Of Death: The Night They Drove Ol’ Dixie Down, Chapter Sixteen: Heartaches By The Number

It is strange that I am heading toward Washington, Dc to face a vampire lord. Still, I need to remind the Vampire Nation that I am still alive. For too long, they have lived without the fear of my appearing to kill a lord. I smile. They expect Pride’s Partisan troops to make an attack, that much is a given. They seem to have forgotten all about me.

Or maybe they believed Floods and Valchance enough to do me in. If so, they are sadly mistaken. Of course, most vampire lords underestimate the power of a woman. After I am through, though, they will rue the day they believed a woman could never bring them down.

Somewhere behind me, Novoro leads his battalion south. They follow me south, going from city to city. they cleanse the cities of Maryland of the vampire filth that has infiltrated them. They sweep, like a wildfire, through the communities. Soon, Maryland will be free of the vampires.

Still, south of me lies vampire territory. And into that territory I must go. I must destroy their hold on the south. But first, I must find out who else was behind the fall of Savanna and Mobile. And fast.

Surprisingly, there is little activity so far. I have an uneasy feeling. They should have more of a defense the closer I get to DC.   For some reason, there isn’t. Not a good sign.

Maybe I am too quick to judge the situation. But I really don’t think I have. Something’s not right. It doesn’t feel right. Have I been sent on a fool’s quest? Or was Floods the only defense DC had?

I get my answer quickly. Ghouls appear out of the darkness, almost as if on cue. Too perfect. Whose ghouls, though?

As always, I make swift work of them. Ghouls make poor warriors. They really don’t fight. They just create a diversion so that the real enemy can appear and try to take advantage of the chaos. But I am too quick. The ghouls are long dead before he appears.

“Very good.” The voice is familiar. “But are you as good against vampires?” He steps into the light. Turuch.

I smile. “Turuch. We meet again. Fall from the good graces of Kalkolides? Or did you grow bred with being a courtesan?”

He furls his brow. “Tut, tut, Cris. I was never a courtesan. I have always been a general. I was not at Jason’s court as anything more. When we last met, I was reporting my advancement to my king. Now, I am first line defense. You see, I am not alone. My legion is hidden, but have their guns and crossbows trained on just you.”

I smile. “Who says I am alone? I could have anticipated your treachery and placed my own men somewhere beyond, their own weapons held on your men as they wait for a signal.”

A murmur rises from his hidden soldiers. He eyes me. “I saw no army.”

I smile, bluffing. “Of course not. But do your men want to take that chance? Do you want to take that chance?”

He shakes his head. “Damn you, no.” He motions for his men to emerge from hiding.

I smile wider, knowing he hasn’t caught my bluff. “Now. Shall we have a fair fight? Or are all you vampires cheap shots?”

He nods. “It’ll be fair.” He waves his hands. “Men! Put your guns away and draw your swords! Advance when ready! Cut her down!”

The horde advances, expecting to make easy the task of killing me. My swords move quicker than they can perceive. Soon, his troops lay strewn before me. I look up at him expectantly.

He shakes his head in disbelief. “I’ll be damned! Those men were the best within the Vampire Alliance Armies! How the?!?”

I grin. “I took out the lords of the Midwest. I took out their hordes. And they claimed that their armies were the best. Perhaps your best just aren’t good enough.”

He growls angrily and charges.

I laugh. “I hope they have more of a defense planned.”

He grins. “I was one of Vassare’s men at one time. I was with him when your parents died. I enjoyed draining your mother.” His words hiss and strike me like little daggers.

I feel the anger build. Suddenly, my arms are not my own. It is as if they are possessed. With a single slash, I take his head. He falls dead at my feet.

I cut a small branch from a tree and make a stave. Sharpening both ends, I stick the bottom into the ground. I impale his head on the other. Walking away, I leave it as a warning to all vampires.

I don’t make it very far before I fall apart emotionally. Suddenly, I take the time to mourn my parents. I mourn all that died so long ago. I swear vengeance upon all who was with Vassare. I swear to end the Vampire Empire.

hours later, I continue on my way. With a renewed sense of purpose, I am heading into vampire territory to begin my path of destruction. I know that Turuch is not their last line of defense. They have to know that he would not be able to stop me.

Perhaps I am giving them too much credit. Still, they can’t be all that stupid. Or could they? I shake the thoughts from my head. I already know the answer to my own question.

To hell with them all. I will make sure that DC is vampire free or die trying. I will have no more mercy. I will give no quarter. No chance of redemption.

Once DC is cleansed, I will await Novoro and his battalion there. We will take time enough from travel so I can train them properly. I will create the vampires’ worst nightmare by training the battalions of vampires fighting for the Partisan. I will set loose my own monster. Vivre le Revolution!