The Illusion Has Lifted

When will we waken from this dream state
Those in power cast upon us?
When will we brush away
This illusion those in control
Weave in order to keep us at Bay?

When will we dispel these myths
That are used to hide the truth
From us and keep us obedient?
When will we let go of these lies
We have been told?

When are we going to see
That there are no parties
Only differing degrees of corruption
with different names
Which control those
We put into power over us?

When are we going to understand
That our representation
Has been bought out from under us
So that they serve only a handful
And no longer serve the masses?

When will we see just how
We have been stripped of our titles
As citizens
By those who have enough money
To bring back legalized slavery?

When will we take the blinders off
And realize that most of our illnesses
Were created in order to medicate us
Just enough so we would stop questioning
The legality Of what those in power
Are doing?

When will we notice that our ‘inalienable right’
Are slowly being stripped from us
By those who are not individuals
When being prosecuted
And yet are individuals
When desiring laws that give them more freedom
To do more to betray the people?

And when are we going to open our eyes
To the fact that we have allowed
ourselves to become pawns
In a shameful attempt
To profit from the misery
And suffering of billions
And the deaths of our youth?

When will we start listening
To the words of the wise
Who came before
“Where have all the flowers gone?
They have been picked by the young ladies
Who’re putting them on the graves
Of all the young men”
We have allowed our overlords to send
To wars waged in the name of their god
That awful god called greed.

Wake up!
The illusion has lifted
and cracks are beginning to appear
In the false front
That has kept us blind.
Now is the time
To say enough is enough!
We are taking back control!
This is our world, not yours!
You are not people! Your are corporations
Based on corruption and greed!
Your Illusion has lifted
And we can finally see
What a mess you have made of our world!