In This I Have Regained My Soul

I have lost my religion
but gained my faith;
I have rejected this physical life
For something greater.

I do not need rites
I do not need rituals
I do not need failed laws
Or statutes
To tell me that I
Have succeeded in being
The best I can be.

I do not need to wave a book
At those who do not believe
Or who do not live
Up to my standards.

I do not have time to “save”
Those I see as lost
Because we are all lost
We are all right
We are all wrong.

I do not need to feel
Morally superior
Racially superior
sexually superior
religiously superior.

I do not have the time.
I do not need to fight wars
To prove I am right
I do not need to judge
I do not need to condemn
To feel I have done
What is expected of me.

In fact, My faith leads me
To focus upon my own soul
My own faults
My own weaknesses
My own destination.

I know that true enlightenment
Comes not from the physical
True salvation comes not
From “saving” others
But both come from realization
That the self is where
Change truly starts.

Only through realizing
That we cannot save anyone
Not even ourselves,
From damnation
From immortal judgment.

Missionaries try to do
What only the Source of Life
Can do
Not realizing that they
Are playing “god”.

Ministers try to do the same
Hording their monies
From selling indulgences
To the poor
While judging them unfit
And hating all
Who differ from them
In color, sexual preference
Or belief
Leading the masses astray
And damning us all.

And for what?
A physical resurgence
In a religion
That not one of them
Truly believe in.

There is no “Christ”
In their actions
Just as there is no Mohammed
In the actions of those
Spreading their hate
throughout the Middle East
And there is no Yaweh
In the actions of the Israelis
Waging war on the Palestians.

For war, greed, hate, and selfish desires
Are so far away from the messages left
By the messengers
They claim to follow.

They seem to forget the words:
Those who live by the sword
Will die by the sword.
“A man who claims to love the Lord
But hates his brother
Is a liar
For how can you love God,
Whom you have not seen
Yet hate your brother whom you have?”

But I have not.
I have lost my religion
But gained my faith.
In this, I have regained my soul.


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