Sorry for the interlude

Sometimes life gets in the way of writing. Such is the the case with me trying to finish the latest chapters of the “Angel Of Death” saga. The more I have wanted to write, the less time I have had to actually do so. Until recently, I was too tired at the end of the workday, as well as at the beginning, to write much of anything…including my name. Not so anymore.

Since beginning the new program, I feel less tired and have ten times as much energy as I had before. Therefore, I will be able to post chapters in the coming weeks. I have backed off on school for the moment, due to an oops on their part and not being able to catch up with the class. Tomorrow, I will be calling my student adviser and seeing if there is a way for me to reset the class and start next month.

Until then, I am going to try and resume on releasing new chapters to “Angel”. Wish me luck.