I reject it all

I Reject It All

I say that I reject it all:
Your idea of Godly
Your idea of Righteous
Your idea of God Himself—
I even reject your expectations.

I reject your rituals
Your rites
Your sorry excuse for faith—
For you place it in something you can see:
Physical piety.

I reject your piety
You outward image,
It means nothing to me.
It is a mere façade
Hiding the reality that is your emptiness
Because your “God” has ignored you.

Your “God”:
That idol you have fashioned in your mind
To look exactly like you
To expect all the same physical changes to those around you
That you seek
To hate all that you hate

The very same “god” you forsake
In your pursuit of happiness
In your pursuit of lust
In your pursuit of mammon
In your pursuit of whatever selfish desire
You stamp his name upon
Hoping to look more pious
Than your neighbor

The same “God” you supplant
With twisted politics
Fear-laden messages
People you have never met
Committing murders against
In your mind
As you mentally murder
Your black
Your Hindu
Your Native American
Your Hispanic
Your Asian neighbor
Yes, even your Muslim or Jewish neighbor

And yet, you claim
You claim to be “Christian”
Or “Muslim”
Or “Jewish”
And yet you hate
When even your own “Holy” books condemn hate
As much as they condemn everything else.

Your guns seem more important to you
Than your own soul
Than your fellow humans
Than your planet
Than anything
Even that which you claim to believe in

Which you don’t
Because you have also rejected
Your own “holy” books
For the rhetoric of a handful of blithering idiots
Who would sell you into bondage
Simply because it would make them a profit.

Yes, you have rejected your own “Holy” books
For idols:
Laws, unbreakable,
That dictate your physical actions
Though you have yet to find
The true spirit of the Law
Or even the true fulfillment of the Law

You have rejected your own “Holy” books
For riches
Physical wealth
World domination
Political gain
Power that only the Devil himself could ever offer
For God does not give dominion over man to other men

Yes, you have rejected
Your own “holy” book
For your religion of hate

And for what?
Riches, as Solomon stated so eloquently,
Turn to dust
Power wanes
Physical possessions mold into nothingness
And you leave everything behind
Hoping that those who come after
Will do better than you.

Even recognition of you
Into a mere footnote in history
So that you are
Of no importance
To most who follow.

So, in the end
I reject your religion
That thing of physicality
Which you
And many, many more before you
Have spent so much time
Fashioning into a noose for yourself
And those like you

I reject your human god who hates
The poor
The needy
Those not like me
Those not like you

I reject your god
Because he is not God.
He is just a reflection of you
That you project upon the unseen
So that it fits you
In your self-righteousness
In your arrogance
Because it is evident
That you are your own god.