Angel Of Death: The Night They Drove Ol’ Dixie Down, Chapter Eight: Living Through Me

I have never been too fond of my affliction. It has been more of a burden to me than an asset. The only thing it has offered me was a slight advantage over my opponents. By advantage, I mean the ability to fight them as one of their own instead of a human.

Fighting them as a human would be futile. Humans have no power over these demons. Or any of the horrors that wander the land in search of humans to eat. But as an undead, I am able to use their inborn strength against them.

I am not quite sure what Angel is, other than what I have already been told. still, I am not sure that I have been told the whole truth. Something seems a bit different about him. He never ages.

I peer at him over the campfire. He is cooking himself the rabbit I had recently drained for sustenance. He looks up at me and smiles. “Not that I really need it.”

I look over at him in shock. “What d’ya mean?”

He chuckles. “Don’t tell me that Truva and McCall actually neglected to tell you my whole story.”

I shake my head in wonderment. “No. All I was told was that you worked for the government before it collapsed. When the fighting began, you vanished with all the tech stuff you were creating.”

He bursts out laughing. “Not a bad cover story. Not bad at all. But no. While it is true that I worked with the governments of the world before the fall, I was not in their employ. Nor was my gadgets built for them.

“I do admit freely that they would have used my inventions as sources of mass destruction, had I left them for those who filled the vacuum to find, but I didn’t so they are quite safe. No, I was more of a watchdog, watching the vampires’ every move. Their advancements in the government, their holdings, everything. There wasn’t a single shred of intel I didn’t know. Hell. I had vampires giving me information on their own.

“You see, I am much like you. In fact, we are the same. Grigori. At least, we are the “new breeds”, those who are of both human and Grigori mix. Neither, yet both. Vampires, were once like us as well. In fact, I am Scriboi. A scribe of the Grigori.

“The earliest Grigori are called Archis or Angli. The name, despite its resemblance to “Angel”, means First-born. Vampires, or at least the first of their kind, belonged to this group. Shape shifters were second-born and man, last.”

“But man was supposed to be created.” I object without need.

He smiles at me. “Man has always misunderstood the meaning and process of creation. To him, it means being made out of mud or evolution. It is really neither. Birth was creation. Appearing was birth. Or creation. However you want to look at it.

“There were seven races born upon the earth. Six remained without blemish and was given the right to the name Grigori or Angli. One fell with a small number of each of the other six. These became the Vampires, Greys, Greens, and Daemoni. Daemoni does not mean demon, though man mistakes it for such, but rather “Fallen”.

“I belong to Grigori Secondus, sub-class Scriboi. Yes, I am far older than Kalkolides or his henchmen. But he doesn’t know of my existence. And I mean to keep it that way.”

I am still baffled. “Why?”

He shakes his head. “Because he enslaves Scriboi. If they deny him his will, he executed them. I desire to remain free and oppose him. In the end, I mean to free my fellow brethren. But I am bound not to fight. A Scriboi takes an oath to remain neutral in all battles and only record that which they witness. And so far, I have. I have recorded all that has taken place for the past sixty years. Your conception, inception, and rebirth. Every milestone you have reached. Every battle you have won. You are the promised one. Don’t forget that. And I have been attached to you as your scribe.”

I am even more baffled. “And the toys?…”

He smiles. “Oh, they are genuine. And yours. I make them for you alone. No one else. Except my invisibility cloak.Well, really, it’s a sort of cloaking devise. Anyway, it is solely mine. So I can watch you and record. Oh, yes, I am always with you. You are never truly alone. Not for a second.”

I snort, amused. “I know all about your cloaking devise. Remember? You showed it to me before…”

He nods. “Before you were bitten. Yes.”

I am startled. You refer to it as bitten, not changed. Why?”

The thought suddenly hits. He looks over at me. “You mean they didn’t tell you the truth about that either?”

I shake my head, still lost. “About what?”

He sighs. “Oh God. They’ve let you believe that you were changed. Infected.”

I am livid. “I went through the change. I know I was changed. I know about the pain.

He shakes his head. “Rarely does a victim of a vampire ever change, Cris. Almost never. One in one billion. Especially a Grigori, which is absolute zero. What you went through was your body rejecting the venom. Yes, it has triggered the side effect of the ‘unholy’ thirst, but you are not a true vampire. You never were.”

My shock has grown apparent. “But Sundown said…”

He shakes his head again. “No. Sundown never said anything. Delgado mistook what both McCall and Sundown did say. Grady, on the other hand, did not. Grady knew exactly what both men meant.That was why he took you to McCall.

“Of course, we were supposed to get to you before the vampires struck your town…or, at least, Delgado and Grady were. They were supposed to save you and your family. But, we were all-except myself-detained, fighting against another band of vampires to the south of you.”