a little something to make you smile…

I drew these five or six years ago. Am now releasing them for viewing. Posted them to FaceBook where anyone could share them from my page.


Wile e. Coyote


To answer the ominous question left unanswered, yes. These are freehand, done in pencil first and finished in pen. I did Scooby Doo, Velma, Fred, and Daphne, but can’t seem to find them. I had also done Speedy Gonzalez and Sylvester, but they have also sadly vanished. I have a Marvin The Martian somewhere as well, but do not feel like looking for it right now.

Later, I will post more artwork.

On another note, Waiting For The Sun is now live as a paperback. I will give links as soon as it goes live on Amazon.


4 thoughts on “a little something to make you smile…

    1. me too. going to work was hard for me. I could still use suggestions on which story I should continue with. I have been releasing the Angel Of Death series (just released book two), but don’t know whether to pick up with that series and do up to seven (which is already done) or go back to The Morrow Family Saga. I can’t feasibly do both, so I have to choose only one for now.

  1. No, just taking a break from him right now. will be getting back to him when my new job takes off. I was recently made the Midwest editor for Poets Without Limits Magazine. cool, eh? That means I will be able to quit my current job soon and stay home more, thereby allowing me to write more…in between interviews I have to conduct.

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