Coming Soon…

Sunny Nilanjin is returning as cover artist for the second book in the Angel Of Death series as well as the cover of A Month Of Thanksgiving. Both scheduled to be released soon. Angel Of Death is scheduled for a Halloween release, while A Month Of Thanksgiving is scheduled for release the week before Thanksgiving. I will release two more books in December, just before Christmas, as well.

If it seems as if I have been away for a while, you’re right. My day job has kept me from keeping my promise to you, my fans, and posting new chapters. With my releasing Angel Of Death, I do not know whether I should return to The Morrow Saga first or try to finish the Angel series.

In other news, I am engaged! The wedding is planned for next September and I could not be more excited! More on this later. Right now, my back has begun to hurt a bit more (it went out on me at work) so I will leave you with a promise: I will be writing some more, soon.


5 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Congratulations and thanks for all the updates! Exciting times ahead, it sounds like šŸ™‚

    1. Yes. between school, releasing books I already have done, and working on new…plus the day job thing…I have quite an exciting life now. My fiancee also adds to the excitement and gives me a center.

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