Ohio: Chapter Four

Matt was sitting at the bottom of the staircase with Kim’s bloody baseball bat when Tom arrived. When he saw the sight, he froze. Something had happened. Something bad. Something violent.

A voice inside tom told him that Matt had beaten the hell out of someone. Following Matt’s gaze, he spied the limp and unmoving body of Kim. He looked back at Matt. “What the hell happened here? Where’s your mother?”

Matt looked back up the stairs. “When I got here, he’d already beaten her senseless. The bedroom is all bloody. I turned to find him charging me with this bat,” Matt lifted the bloody bat in his hands, “and I took it from him and began beating the life out of him.”

Tom looked at him. “Is he still alive?”

Matt shrugged. “I don’t know.”

Tom felt an involuntary smirk flash upon his face. “Don’t know? Or don’t care?”

Matt cocked his head. “Both, I guess.”

Tom sat down beside him. “And I suppose you want me to do clean up for you.” He took a deep breath. “Matt, we have to quit this cycle. You won’t always be able to protect her.”

Matt nodded. “I know, but she doesn’t.”

Tom sighed. “She doesn’t want to. She wants you to run to her aid whenever she gets herself into these jams. Please. she is either begging for an intervention or trying to commit suicide. She hasn’t been the same since Trent’s death. Ever. When he died, and she lost the baby, something inside her died as well. Ever since, she has tried everything she could think of to finish the job.”

Matt felt a lump in his throat. “I know.” His reply was barely a whisper. “But I have to believe that she can be saved.”

Tom rose. “Wait until I have the body and am gone before you call the ambulance.” He took the bat from Matt. “Oh, and let me clean up your mess. Leave his for the law to see.”

Matt nodded. He watched his friend wrap Kim in a blanket and tie it shut. The bundle, Tom carried out to his car and placed it in the trunk. Without asking, he knew what Tom was going to do. The bay was a big place and no one paid much mind to boats on it at night. least of all when they were far enough out to not be noticed. The mob tended to use that to their advantage, and so did Tom. Especially when it dealt with him.

His friend returned with scentless cleaners and mopped up the blood, along with any trace that Kim had met any kind of end in the apartment. He took one more look around to make sure he’d gotten it all, then nodded to Matt and left. Matt went to the phone and dialed for emergency. “Yes. This is Matt Morrow and I just came to visit my mother and found her nearly beaten to death in her bed. Could you please send an ambulance? Yes, I can give the police whatever information I can. OK.” He gave the dispatcher his mother’s address, then hung up.

He went upstairs to check on Star and Rainbow. He had to make sure that they were still alive. He found therm blissfully sleeping in the nursery his mother had made for them. Poor kids. He couldn’t imagine the hell they’d had to endure while that psycho had been here. He smiled. He would pack them up after their mother was already out of the apartment. He turned and headed back down the stairs to wait for the ambulance.


Giovanni met Tom at the docks. “What ya got for me?”

Tom smiled grimly. “One Blow addict that found his medicine a bit hard to take.” He opened his trunk to reveal Kim’s still lifeless body.

Giovanni winced. “Holy fuck! who’d he mess with?”

Tom chuckled. “A thirteen year old.”

Giovanni’s mouth dropped open “Damn!”

Tom. “Nothing but a wannabe pimp who beat on his old lady. And his old lady just happened to be the kid’s mother. And you don’t mess with someone’s mother.”

the mobster grimaced, then took a better look. “Hey! Isn’t that that Kim Hitt ass hole?”

Tom looked bewildered. “Yeah, why?”

The Italian smiled sadly. “He was askin’ round about who’d be interested in buyin’ a couple of kids. No one was, least not our guys. There was a Blow dealer who was interested…and a p[imp from East Side. But we warned ’em both off that notion real quick.”

Tom spat then shook his head. “What a dumb fuck.”

Giovanni changed the subject. “So what’s the plan? We gonna dump ‘im in the bay?”

Tom nodded. “Yes, provided he’s actually dead.”

G shrugged. “Hell with worryin’ bout that. I’ll dump ‘im out there just for kicks. The boss wants him gone anyway. An’ besides. No one’ll ever think twice bout his vanishin’ act.”

Tom shrugged. “Do what you like. Just make sure it can’t be traced…and no one sees you. He’s your package now.”

G rubbed his hands together.”Oh, goody. That means we can dream up a punishment worse than death. somethin’ like–”

Tom shook his head. “Keep it to yourself. I don’t wanna know.”

Giovanni threw him the keys to the blue and white Ford Fairlane Sunliner and Tom threw the keys to the 57 Ford he had arrived in.He knew that Susie would be suspicious, but there was no helping the situation without the trade. Tom watched the Italian drive off with the evidence of Matt’s rage. He couldn’t help but wonder how Matt was faring with the emergency personnel back at his mother’s apartment.


Matt answered every question the officer asked him without giving much truthful information. The truth of the matter was that he didn’t really remember what had happened while he was in his rage. He only remembered what he saw once he’d emerged from it. So he simply told the officer that Kim had fled.

It might as well have been the truth. They would never find Kim or his baseball bat. Eventually, they would figure that the little coke head had went insane from an overdose and then fell into the bay. The body would never be found. But neither would Tom’s favorite car.


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