Whistle While You Work….Not.: An Update.

OK, so I have sort of caught up on the story. since there will only be 24 chapters, I am only four or five chapters from the end of this installment of the story. We have seen the introduction of Tom and Susie Goldman, the entrance and exit of Kendrick Wells, found out dark truths about what happened, and watched as Natalia finally felt ready to give herself to her fiance.

I have suddenly left you with a surprise as well. Michael and Valeria are headed to reconcile (something erroneously claimed to have never happened in “Long cold Winter”) But then, when someone is absent from a child’s life, they see that as something being wrong between two parts of the family, even though it may not be so. We have also come to the point when Matt and Natalia are both learning the piano.

With five chapters left to write, I am building up steam, hoping to build to the ultimate happy ending. Well, for this book, anyway. Then it is on to Ohio and then Once Around The Ride. As I move on to the last few decades, I will have to warn you that the story is going to get darker and sadder. well, until the 90s, then it becomes wonderful again…only to turn sad again.


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