Do You Miss Me Darlin’?: Chapter Nineteen

Though it had not happened when she had first intended, Natalia soon became well enough to offer herself to Trent. He had accepted her for better or worse. He deserved her, body and soul. At least that was how she had begun to feel.

There was no need for barriers anymore. They were going to be husband and wife. And husband and wife shared their bodies. They had sex. Didn’t they?

Their first night together, she entered his room and removed her nightgown. He pulled her to him gently and kissed her lovingly. Each and every kiss shot energy through her that she had never experienced, drawing her even deeper into his passion. Soon, she knew that they had been destined to be together.

The night of passion was too short, morning arriving way too soon. Still, she awoke feeling complete. Never had she tasted such love that left her wanting for nothing. It had been so special. So new. So amazing.

She rolled over to find him watching her. She smiled. “Mmmmm…that was so wonderful, Baby. I never knew how wonderful one night could feel.”

He smiled slyly. “Just wait, Baby. There’s more where that came from. And it doesn’t have to be reserved for just the nighttime. It can be whenever you want. Just give me a sign and I will give you whatever your heart desires.”

She smiled back at him. She loved him dearly. He could have sent her away after the letter arrived. Instead, he fought to bring her back. And now, he was allowing her to choose when and where they would make love.She was suddenly in control and didn’t know how to act.

He had awakened something inside her that she thought had never existed. Now, there was a hunger. Deep inside her, she wanted everything he could offer her. Everything he had offered her.

She rose and headed, naked, to the master bath. He watched her go. She had surprised him with her gift. He had expected her to slowly work her way back to intimacy, but she had thrust herself headlong into a full sexual recovery. She was right. It had been extremely amazing.

He smiled. She would never cease to amaze him. And she was just so sexy. So wonderful. Beneath the scars, there was a beautiful and intelligent woman. How could anyone ever tear such a sweet person’s innocence away? He would never understand people like Tobias French.

They never saw what they had. Only what they wanted. And what they wanted wasn’t always theirs to have. And when they took it, they usually did so without asking, without remorse or thought of how it would affect the other person. And whoever had sent the letter. Did they have no remorse? No sensitivity?

He shook his head. He vowed to rebuild her strength, no matter what it took. He hoped he could bring her to a point where she didn’t have to rely on him to give her that strength. He loved her too much to leave her with nothing if something were ever to happen to him.

God forbid it ever did, but he always planned for the worst. He had been raised to do so. It was just a good business practice. A practice that translated well into private planning as well.


Kendrick Wells made the journey to CIA headquarters. He had left things in the capable hands of his friend Tom Goldman, and now he was doing what he should have done after he killed Toffer. He was enlisting with the CIA. They were always in need of killers. Assassins. Glimmer men. Spies with a death wish. Double agents.

He didn’t care what they did with him. He just wanted out of the country. He didn’t want to come back either. Most of all, he wanted to die.

He had taken too many lives already. Cost too much for his friends. Caused too much risk. He couldn’t cause any more pain or misery.

Maybe he could find peace in the jungles of southeast Asia. Perhaps a bullet would find him there and the enemy would lay him in an unmarked grave. He didn’t care. Not anymore.


Michael and Valeria Morrow headed west toward Council Bluffs, The city sat right across the river from Omaha, where they had been assured their daughter now lived and was happy. Michael had wanted to apologize to Natalia since the misunderstanding they’d had. He had wanted to wrap her in his arms and tell her how sorry he was for the things that had happened to her. He had just been afraid that she would reject his apologies.

So he had remained distant. Hoping that she would resurface. Hoping that someone would find a way to let him know that she was alright. He had worried for the three years she had been missing.

Now, he was going to see her for the first time in three years. He was both excited and apprehensive. The what-ifs ran through his mind relentlessly as he drove. No, he would just have to wait and see.

Tom had told him that she needed him…needed them. Hell. He needed her. Even if it was just to see that she was doing fine. Even if it was to see that she was in good hands.

He took a deep breath. So much had happened. So many lives had been destroyed. Not one would ever see closure. And his beloved daughter was one of them. He had not handled it right that night she came to him, her dress in tatters and her face and body bruised.

All he could see, then, was his fingers closing around Toby French’s throat. His slow burning anger had finally reached a boiling point and he had not been able to control it. Never before had he ever yelled at his daughters. Not until that night. That night, all he could see was red.

But Toby had fled to the service to get away from his day in court. He had attacked a girl whose father refused to accept his word on things. He had come to the end of his ability to lie his way out of a crime he’d committed. So his father had made sure that he got as far away from the heat as he could. But he had only fled to his death. And the world was better for it.

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