Tandy, Kendrick & Tom

So now we know a little more of the story, which will be told in further detail later. Like several books later in the 1950s series. Now we know where Tom Goldman comes into the picture, though he is in the picture much earlier, but in the background…as is Kendrick. Oh, and the 47 have resurfaced again, as they will later in both the first series and this one.

Sadly, this might be the last we hear of Ken. I am not sure yet. Now that Tom has agreed to watch over Natalia, Ken is no longer as important. I may mention him later, but am not sure.

Unlike Ken, Tom is an upfront kind of guy, preferring to step into the light and be seen rather than remain in the shadows and protect from afar. he is also well connected, which is why Ken repeatedly asks for his help. He still has top government connections, which allows him to bury cases if need be, and he also has Mafia connections, which Ken asks him to use here.

Tandy will resurface later in the story briefly, but not in a bad way. His story might surprise you as much as his confession.