For Those now reading “Do You Miss Me Darlin’?”

The first chapter has touched on several topics. One, Natalia was raped by Toby and it resulted in the birth of Matt. Two, both Toby and Toffer are dead by 1960. The only fallacy is that she believes the cover story of Marissa’s death in an auto accident. Marissa isn’t dead. Not yet.

Marissa actually tries to help Natalia before Matt is born, but that will be covered in a future (1956/57) part of the story, but before 1960. Her attempt to help is misunderstood by Natalia, who assumes that she is angry and trying to get revenge. If you remember, Marissa has turned against her son and husband. This means, secretly, she no longer associates herself with the French family.

But, then, she has never really been a French. She was forced to marry Toffer after he raped her. (like father, like son). Natalia is emotionally destroyed, almost mentally destroyed, by what Toby does. But there will be more to that story as well. No spoilers here.

Toffer’s actual fate was told of in Whispers during a conversation. The same conversation also erroneously claimed that Marissa was dead as well. Still, I will go into detail on that part of the story at a later time as the rest of the first decade unfolds. For now, Nattie is alone (or so she thinks) and living in a shelter. Her life has been inexorably changed and she is lost. For now.


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  1. Dear gods, Nattie and Matt are in a women’s shelter? Awww… 😦 I want to say something about Toby but he is dead, and I try not to badmouth the dead, even if Toby was bad.

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