A Three-Fer

I decided to give you three more chapters because I am going to be gone for a couple days and won’t be able to post. No, I am not going far. But I won’t be able to do much while I am gone.

Hope you are thoroughly surprised by the sudden turn in events where Natalia’s life is concerned. But be warned: this is only a calm in the storm. It isn’t the end to her troubles and sorrow. Otherwise, Matt would not have the future he has in the series. In other news, I will be able to release the links to my newest books when I get back.

I may write a little on Summertime…the prelude/prologue, if you will. The main portion of the book will take place, and be written in, nine months’ time. Why? because a little surprise is about to appear in Matt and Amanda’s life. Of course, the book is about their life together and their adventure together as parents.

Sound interesting? I hope so.


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    1. Not going to post anything tonight. I am not at my computer. am using someone else’s and my file is not on a flashdrive. it is on my computer. I will double up Sunday or monday.

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