And So We have Reached The End…

We have reached the end of Hand Me Down World. Next in line is Do You Miss Me Darlin’?, which begins the 1960s. I am wanting to get each of the first books done, then focus on the second ones in each series. And so on.

The hardest two books to write will be 1980 and 2000. Both because they deal in tragedy, pain and sorrow. Of course, every book from 2000-2014 will be hard due to the sorrow and pain they will include, but I promised you a series about life and life isn’t all romance and happiness. there is always change, and some change isn’t as wonderful. Besides. I hinted at the events in Long Cold Winter although I distorted them due to his situation in that book.


2 thoughts on “And So We have Reached The End…

    1. lol. Amazing. I didn’t mention Nattie in chapter 30. Her story continues in each following story, but I had to end with the conflict that is building.

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