Hand Me Down World: Chapter Twenty-Eight

Marissa kept looking behind her expecting Toby to be following her. But he was nowhere to be seen. If he was following, he was keeping a low profile. If he was spying on her, he was now resorting to hiding. It would be so unlike him.

A shiver went down her spine. Toby was not the kind to hide. He reveled in letting his mark know that he was tailing them. He was so like his father in that respect. They were sneaky like that.

But there wasn’t anyone following her. Good. She was alone for once. She was no longer a prisoner.

She swiftly made her way to the police station, holding to the shadows so that no one could see her. Slipping up the steps and inside, she shrugged off the apprehension that had dogged her. She was on a mission. But who could she trust?

Sheriff Wycross looked up from where he was and noticed her. He made his way to where she was. “Can I help you Mrs. French?”

She nodded. “Yes. I-I want to give evidence against my husband…” she paused. “And my son.”

Wycross looked at her. “Do they know?”

She shook her head. “No. And I prefer they didn’t. that means I will have to go back to that hell after I am done here.”

Wycross nodded, mystified. “I wouldn’t know why, but that’s your choice.”

She looked at him. “I cannot let Toffer suspect that I have stepped forward. Nor Toby for that matter. If they find out in any way, I am as good as dead. I have to go back to keep them from suspecting things. ”

Wycross suddenly understood. She was taking a big chance coming to him. Yet, she was willing to risk her life to supply more evidence. “OK, then. Let’s get to it.” He led her to the briefing room where she would be less paranoid. He offered her a chair, then took out a pencil and some paper. He looked at her as he offered them to her. “Shall we begin?”

She nodded. He brought out a microphone and sat it in front of her, turning on the analog equipment to record the session. She began. “I will start at the beginning. I know that all that has been done and covered for cannot be used, but it gives you a character reference on who and what Toffer really is.”


Toby sat up in his room, sulking. His little gang had been destroyed. His every move was now being watched. Hell. Now life was no fun.

So what if his mother went out. She was a slut anyway. At least that was what his father was always saying. She had to be in order to give his father the time of day. But he thought that all girls were sluts. If they weren’t, he made them into sluts. He smirked.

Then there was the business of the 47. He just had to get his father to take care of that pack of losers. After what they did to him, they deserved to die. No one humiliated Tobias French. No one.

He had made up his mind. He would go and demand that his father have the 47 killed. Yes. That was it.

He rose from his bed with a start. Turning toward the door, he started for his father’s den. Even though it was off limits, he didn’t care. He had urgent business. Who was his father to tell him he couldn’t go into a room?


Wycross could only stare across the room at Marissa as she gave details of the many crimes of her son and husband. The more she recounted, the wider his eyes got. for three hours, she gave the gory details of every secret within the French family. Rapes, murders, thefts, extortion, blackmail, racketeering, and every other kind of vice.

She also hinted that the money was no longer there. Toffer and Toby’s misdeeds had broken the bank. Wycross just sat and blinked in disbelief. He only hoped that she would live to testify to this on the stand.

He cleared his throat after she finished. “Can I share this evidence with someone?”

She looked at him in fear. “Like who?”

Wycross smiled reassuringly. “Michael Morrow. He has been helping the Feds put together a case against your husband. I think he would know how to best utilize this information.”

She breathed a sigh of relief and nodded. “Yes.”

He reached for the phone and picked up the receiver. Dialing Michael’s number, he waited for an answer. “Michael. It’s Wycross. Got something for you. Yes. No, it can’t wait. You need to hear this.” He hung up the phone and looked at Marissa. “Are you willing to wait here for ten more minutes?”

She nodded. “Yes. But not much longer than that. Never know when Toffer or Toby will emerge from their holes. And I need to be seen at a couple shops before they come looking for me.”

Wycross nodded. “You took an awful chance coming here to give me your statement.”

She nodded. “I know. Toffer has officers in this department that he has bought and paid for.”

He nodded. “Maybe on the city department, but I can assure you that none of my deputies work for your husband. I know. I hand picked them all.”

She smiled sadly. “I know. you’d string any man up by the balls if you found out they were working for my husband, wouldn’t you?”

He couldn’t help smirking. It was the first time he’d heard such words out of her mouth, but it was so accurate a description of what he’d do. He nodded, trying to keep from laughing. “Yes I would.” He looked at her and smiled. “and you have quite a way of putting it, too.”

She looked away. “Why should I take care with my words, sheriff? I sold myself short a long time ago. But, then, you already know that because I told you why in what I told you.”

Wycross nodded. “That you did.”


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    1. Every bad person gets their just desserts. in some way. And, yes, Toby gets his…but not at the hands of the law. remember the events recounted in “Long Cold Winter”. I told what happened to Toby. I hinted at what happened to Toffer as well, but didn’t say outright. Not all punishment happens at the hands of the courts.

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