Tirade # 1

I am really getting pissed with KDP. I have received a damn email TWICE stating that they “have noticed, in their review that material included in the book Long Cold Winter is widely available on the web. I have already removed it from Wattpad, so that cannot be the source anymore. I know it cannot be from this blog because I posted the chapters of both “Faust” and “Jesus Saves” here along with many of the short stories from my last collection. I am tired of the crap. If they can’t do their checking and just pass the damn book, I will just not issue it as an ebook. fuck ’em. I am not messing with them anymore.

I have had a day in hell today. I do not want to continue it. I no longer give a crap whether I have a dryer, it can go to the junkyard for all I care. I no longer want to deal with the repairman or my mother not wanting to be open to the idea that, yes, it COULD be the connection at the fuse box downstairs. I am tired of being asked to do things and then being treated as if I didn’t do my job. I am tired of being expected to relay messages and then being ignored because everyone else knows oh so much more than I.

If I seem like I am venting a little more than usual, I am. I have just had my fill of things for the day. Mom just doesn’t seem to understand that I can’t just get up at no 8 AM and make calls to the repairman anymore. I work NIGHTS. Well, until Thursday, anyway. then I have two day shifts. When, other than Saturday, am I going to have time to wait for the repairman to get here?

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