Hand Me Down World: Chapter Twenty-Six

J. McGrath was not an impressive man, but he was all business. As he poured over the files taken from Toffer’s offices that he had removed from one of the boxes to look over as he spoke with those within Michael’s group. His brow was furled thoughtfully as his eyes scanned the pages of evidence. Anger began to rise in his expression as he saw all the crimes and shady dealings recorded within each file. He looked up. “And how, exactly, did he get away with all this for so long?”

Frank looked down. “I covered his ass. Plain and simple. I was his lawyer. If I have to go down for what I did to cover his crimes up, then I will do so willingly. Just make sure that I am nowhere near him when it is all over. I have lived long enough with a guilty conscience.”

McGrath looked at him. “The most we’ll do, since you have gone evidence and have supplied the damning evidence on your former employer, is to disbar and fine you heavily. You might get a commuted sentence out of the deal as well, but nothing big. we won’t take you from your family. not after you supplied us with these.” He waved the evidence files. “Would you get on the stand to testify against him?”

Frank nodded. “Yes. Anything to put that bastard away.”

Allan looked at McGrath. “You going to take the ledgers?”

McGrath shook his head. “Not at the moment. I will leave them for George Schoeneman. He’ll want to see them.” A smile spread across McGrath’s face. “I will get this case started. I doubt it will get into full swing for a year or two, but I am sure Toffer will serve time. And lots of it.”

Michael stood and offered his hand. “I sure do thank you for your rapid response, McGrath.”

McGrath took his hand and shook it. “My pleasure, Mike. And call me J. What you have done here is a service to your state, city, and country. When all is done, a madman will be taken off the streets.

“As for the rest of you, I thank you for your cooperation. Without people like you, we would not catch crooks like Toffer. Their seemingly honest busiensses would continue to flourish and people would continue to get hurt and killed. Thanks again. I will be talking to you again soon.”

Michael accompanied McGrath to the door. Moments later, he returned. He looked at Frank and then at Allan. “We did a great thing today. You two were an immense help. Thanks to the evidence you brought, Frank, Toffer is facing the rest of his life in prison. Anyone who is allied with him, government or private, will be going down with him as well.”

Allan looked up. “So that means all the city officials that Toffer backed will fall from grace.”

Michael nodded. “Yes. Both city and state.” He smiled. “And that, boys, is why I stay out of politics.”


Toffer sat scheming in his den. Marissa wasn’t speaking to him, but that was alright. Her opinion didn’t matter anyway. She was just there to provide eye candy when they went out in public.

They no longer had sex. Toffer was too obese, and Marissa had lost interest in him. But that didn’t matter. Toffer had his heir.

Toby was his. She could have the illegitimate love children she bore for her lovers. If she bore them any. It wasn’t like he cared.

One day, Tobias would inherit all that Toffer owned. Then, he would have to find a woman to bear him an heir to pass it all on to as well. But for now, Toffer ran things as he saw fit. It had been how his father had run things before him, and his father’s father, and so on. French Industries had prided itself on cheap.

And cheap had made them rich. It was that wealth that afforded them their ability to indulge in decadence and criminal activity. It had also afforded them the ability to get away with much that others wouldn’t ordinarily escape justice for. But without the missing files, he could not keep those crimes buried.

Frank had to have taken them. He needed to get to Frank. He needed to remove the threat. He needed to keep it all secret.

Hell. If the world found out what he had done, many of his possible allies would turn against him. The truth about Toby’s birth would also become known and he couldn’t have that. He couldn’t have the world knowing exactly what he was.


Marissa sat poolside, sunning herself. She hated her husband with a passion. She had kept his secret under threat of death for long enough. She truly hoped that he was going to go down this time. Even Frank had abandoned him when Allan took off.

She had to laugh. Even John had vanished with all the ledgers. Toffer’s list of slaves and allies was beginning to grow shorter. HIs newest prospects had flat out rejected him. That had been funny.

For a man who was used to getting what he wanted, Toffer had just hit a wall. And that wall was called the mafia. Oh, how they hated him. And for good reason.

Toffer had caused them to lose some of their most trusted hit men. One sat in Washington, D.C. as state’s evidence with a long list of people Toffer had wronged. It was possible that the US Attorney General already had the files listing Toffer’s criminal history.

It would serve him right. Even their marriage was a product of his lawlessness. He had raped her and like those girls that he had run off for Toby, no one had believed her. But she had believed those girls. she knew how the French family did business. She had been a piece of the ‘business’.

Either you married them, or you were run out of town. Or worse, murdered. No matter what end you met, they made sure your reputation was ruined. Not that you could do much about it.


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