Well, thanks to the debacle of my mother not listening to me the first time, they still think that the problem lays in the dryer. I hate being the one who has to relay messages because I am never listened to closely and since I am younger, I seem to have less merit. WTF?!?

I am seriously thinking that if she wants me to do the “set up a time for the dryer to be fixed” again, I will insist on her being here so the repair man can tell her what he told me, then there will be no more questions as to what and why things don’t work.

In other news, I have just begun publishing on Long Cold Winter. it should be up for sale in the next few days.


2 thoughts on “OOps…Again…

    1. I am going to try to get my books into Walmart and into B&N…also into some of the smaller bookstores. an ygood bookstores up there that might be interested in carrying my books?

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