Hand Me Down World: Chapter Six

Michael looked through the papers his brother-in-law had secreted to him on the McCarran Act. He was horrified at the insinuations, the lies, and the total unrestrained paranoia that permeated the file. There was no way in hell there was that big of a threat where communism was concerned. If anything, those who had dreamed up this charade were more of a threat than communism itself.

Horrified, he continued to read. This was an Act designed to destroy successful people, people who disagreed with those who’d designed it. It was a bid for total control. There was no balance of power here. Just one way.

Had congress actually read this? Or had they blindly passed it without considering the actual ramifications? He could not believe his eyes. This document had a close resemblance to Nattie’s nightmare. The only thing missing were the concentration camps and executions.

Those whose lives would be destroyed by this might as well be executed. They would never be allowed to live or work in the United States again. And those who’d fled from Stalin would summarily be executed if sent back to Russia or any other Communist country. Or worse. They would be sent to the gulag.

The real Communists would be welcomed as heroes, though. Made members of the Communist elite, but always under watch for treasonous motives. Hell. America had not learned a thing in its nearly two centuries of life.

Instead, those who were the descendants of the Puritans always sought their little witch hunts. Whether it be politically motivated, religiously, or based on color, they always had to have a reason to divide the nation. Of course, they always lacquered it in a candy coating of patriotism.
But they were the least patriotic of all. All they cared about was their greed. Their desires. Their vision of America. One nation under their control. To hell with them.

Chuck, who had stopped by before leaving, gave him a grim look. “You see what is going on?”

Michael nodded and swallowed hard to keep from losing his breakfast. “Yes.” He looked up. “We’re going to have to pool our resources. Stand behind one another financially and as moral support, when this shit hits the fan. I can only hope that we are left standing after this. We will be lucky if the country survives.”

Chuck nodded. “I agree. I am leaving Congress. I will not be seeking re-election. I cannot, in good faith, stand by and watch a handful of madmen tear this country apart.”

Michael looked at him. “And leaving Congress is going to do any good? Charles, this is against the American people, not against the leadership. This was meant to divide the citizens even more than they already are. It will destabilize the country if it goes on unchecked.”

Chuck nodded. “But there are too many of them to fight. McCarthy was only the beginning. McCarran took up the standard. And they have a whole goof troop filled with pseudo-Republicans who are chanting ‘death to Communists’, not realizing that the men they follow are exactly what they are against.

“I don’t stand a chance. The party doesn’t even listen to Ike anymore. They have gone off the rails. Hell. They have even done a study to support joining Corporations with our Federal government. They have a whole new wave of unconstitutional ideas flooding in and not enough who have the wisdom to stop it all. We’re losing the battle, and those of us willing to take a stand are the ones they are investigating first.

“Refuse to stand with them, and you are automatically branded a possible communist. It doesn’t matter what party you belong to.”

Michael shook his head. “Nattie had a nightmare last night. Dreamed that they were rounding everyone up and loading them into covered trucks like they did with the German-Americans and the Japanese-Americans during the last war. We were all separated according to gender and age. We were all taken to camps. The men and boys were taken away and she heard gunshots like we were executed.

“After reading this, I am willing to say that she wasn’t that far off. If they had their way, it would be exactly as it was in her nightmare. God help us if they ever realize their dream because their dream is this country’s nightmare.”

He took the file over to the fire place and threw it into the fire. Chuck nodded. “Just between you and me, when they get done, this country won’t be worth a dime.”

Michael nodded. “I agree. That makes it easier for one competitor to take over another through political means. If they want your business, all they have to do is claim that you’re a communist and drag you in front of a Senate hearing. I know one here in town who’ll try to use it to the best of his ability. I am going to have to be extra careful. And well-funded.”

Chuck looked at him. “We’re family. We have your back. I will see what I can find out about–”

Michael looked away. “His name is Toffer French. He is my main competitor. Not a very religious man. He is cruel and heartless, Cold and calculating. He draws strength from the weakness of others. He has more dollars than sense.”

Chuck smiled, in spite of himself. “I will see what I can find out about him and his family.”

Michael looked at his brother-in-law. “But we’ll not use the information unless we have to.”

Chuck nodded. “Agreed.” Chuck hugged Michael, then Valeria. “I better be going.”

Michael nodded. “Did Fred and Greg see that document?”

Chuck nodded. “I gave a copy to Greg. He went to Fred’s before we all showed up here. I am sure that Fred has already seen that and is fuming. They won’t go after Fred. He can cause an oil crisis bigger than any they saw during the last war.

“That is why we all met here last night. We wanted you to know that we would stand behind you if anyone tried to go after you. I doubt anyone else would have a family so willing to remain loyal. Rumors have already begun that this is dividing families. Anyone wanting to get ahead is willing to sell out innocent people to get there.”


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    1. not exactly, but things did get really close to that. many in our congress ended up fighting to gut the legislation passed in the “McCarran Act” so that it was basically meaningless. though the act did flush out some actual communists, it became more like the witch hunts that swept through Europe and the colonies during the early 1600s. it became an opportunity for those less scrupulous businessmen who would sell anyone down the river in order to gain a majority hold on a certain industry. sadly, thousands of innocent people were sold out simply out of personal vendettas or because they didn’t fit the norm.

      The Morrows, however, always land on their feet…like cats. They are rich enough to prevent their own destruction. not so many others were so lucky. Only recently has the government started going back through and exonerating those who were wrongly accused.

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