Whispers In Spring: Chapter Thirty

Gone was the noise of the party. But it had been replaced with the noise of the airport. The people rushing to and fro, the noise of the escalators, the muted sounds of the planes–it all reminded Matt why he hated flying. He hated the stress. He hated the migraines.

Still, he was eager to get to their destination. He wanted a little alone time with Amanda. After the ride to the airport, he knew that she was also looking forward to the alone time. He smiled.

That was probably the hardest transport that limo driver’d had to make. She had been very vocal. But it had been fun. The tinted windows and the fact that it had been nearly dark had also made it easier to have their fun on the way to the airport.

He snorted, trying to hold back the laughter as he thought how they had hurriedly struggled to get certain clothing items back on once they were parked in front of the airport entrance. It had been a strange little dance, but they had succeeded. Now they headed toward their gate to paradise.

Two weeks in Europe was better than three days in Hawaii. Or Cancun. Or Bali. Hell. It was better than anywhere in the tropics. Especially an all inclusive backpacking tour.

Those took you to all the best natural settings throughout Europe. It wasn’t a trip to Paris or Rome. It was walking the French Riviera or hiking through alpine valleys. It was walking through the Tuscan countryside. Or hiking the Rhine valley . It was adventure.

It also meant staying at quaint inns and bed and breakfasts where their privacy was key, but the food was home cooked. No restaurants. No noisy neighbors. Just all romance, all the time.

The moment they arrived at the airport, it was a flurry of checking in the baggage and rushing off to find the right gate. There would be a layover in the Midwest, then another in New York. From there, they would be headed for Europe. And to adventure.

They boarded at ten. They were in the air by 10:45. In an hour or two, they would be in Omaha. From there, it would be New York and a change of planes.


It was midnight when they arrived in Omaha. It was a brief layover, not long enough to get off and stretch. It was simply a fuel stop. In a short while, they were back in the air and headed for New York.

They soon fell back to sleep once they were in the air. It would be another three hours before they got to their next layover. Right now, rest was more important than anything else. They would need it.

Three hours seemed to fly. The captain’s voice woke them and the stewardess helped them get ready for their eminent plane change. Matt was anxious to be in Europe.

They were ushered through the exit and into the hustle and flow of La Guardia. they went in search of their gate and went through customs. Things had become tighter since 9-11. Hell. After Iraq, things had become almost too strict.

Still, they were through customs without a hitch. In no time, they were on their plane and headed for Europe. It was going to be a long flight. But it was worth it.


It was already midday when they reached Heathrow. After going through customs, they sought out a rental agency. finding a nice rental, they headed out for Wales, the first stop in their tour. Matt knew it would take hours to get where they were going, but he didn’t care.

All he cared about was that he was spending time alone with Amanda. She deserved his undivided attention, and he was going to give it to her while they were on this adventure. Tariq had been sweet enough to give them the ultimate honeymoon and he was determined to make the most of it.

It was nearly dusk when they pulled into the lot at the bed and breakfast. Their host met them at the door. She smiled. “You must be the two Terry told me about.” Her welsh accent was a wonderful change from the norm. “Welcome to Abergavenny Y Fenni. from here, you’ll enter Brecon Beacons.

“As long as you stick to your paths, you should be fine. The backpacking path ends at Llandovery. That is unless you head back south. Then you’ll find Ebbw Vale, Pont Sticill, Merthyr Tydfil, Glyn Neath, Ystradgynlais, Caehopkin, or Brynnaman. But then, you might just come through them anyway. I mean on yer way back.”

Matt smiled at her. “I think we may just do that.” He turned to Amanda. “Let’s unload our camping gear. We’ll sign in, then eat. Tomorrow, we begin our honeymoon adventure.”

Amanda nodded. “I am about ready to hit the bed. It has been a really long trip and I want to be rested for tomorrow.”

Matt nodded in agreement. “Agreed. Let’s get things up to the room and then get down where we can eat a little something.”

Their hostess nodded. “There’s rarebit and rolls in the dining hall. Maybe a bit of chipped beef as well. We’ll look forward to seeing you soon.”

Amanda smiled. “Sounds delicious. We’ll be down as soon as we get our things to our room.”

The lady handed her the key. “Here you be. I’ll have ya sign the register later.”

Matt took the key. “Thank you. Sorry we’re so late.”

Their hostess smiled. “You aren’t. No need to worry.” She disappeared back inside, leaving Matt and Amanda to unload their gear.

Matt looked over at his lovely wife. “She’s a nice lady.”

Amanda nodded. “Yes. Nicer than most.”

Matt unlocked the trunk of the car and began pulling baggage out. Amanda picked up her bags and headed for the door. Matt picked up his and, shutting the trunk, did the same. He followed her up the stairs and to the door to their room. Unlocking it, they both stepped inside.


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    1. I am getting ready to post the first chapter of “Hand Me Down World”. get ready for a darker story. am building the story of why Matt’s mother was the way she was. And it begins with things that happen in her childhood and follows her all the way to her death.

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