Whispers In Spring: Chapter Twenty-Nine

Matt felt bad about not remembering Amanda’s last name. He knew he had probably heard it before, in fact he was sure she had told him many times. Yet, he hadn’t remembered. It was the worst part of having lawyers do the legal running for him.

But he was still waking from his hibernation. He was bound to have problems remembering. Did it really matter? Yes. It showed her that he cared.

They now stood beside the cake. There was no table of gifts. It had been requested that there not be. After all, what do you get two people who have everything they ever wanted?

Pictures were being taken and kisses stolen. Still, all was in good clean fun. Now it was time to cut the cake. Matt and Amanda both took hold of the knife and began cutting. Two pieces. One for her, one for him.

He smiled mischievously as he took the piece he’d cut for her and began raising it to her lips. But his mischief remained muted. He didn’t want to mess up her beautiful wedding dress.He didn’t even want to get it in her hair.

She carefully fed him his piece as well. They kissed. He smiled. Soon, they would be on their way to paradise.


As the music played, Matt lost himself in her eyes. She was so beautiful, so sexy. Her dress accented her beauty more than she knew. It made her irresistible, sultry. He was tempted, but he kept himself under control.

They danced for what seemed to be hours, until they were tired. He took her back to their table and seated her. He was on his best behavior. He sat next to her and put his arm around her. It felt good to be married.

He looked over at her. “You look so beautiful today, my beloved.”

She smiled at him. “And you look so handsome, my sweet Matthew.”

He turned to her and took her face gently in his hands, raising her lips. “Your dress really compliments you. I have had a hard time keeping my…hands to myself.” He kissed her lips.

She blushed. She had never before been told that she was beautiful. Nor had any man been so candid. She should’ve been used to it, but she found it new each time he did so.

Still, it was coming from the man she loved. It was a token of how he thought, how he felt, about her. He was the first man who’d found her irresistible. And the feeling was mutual.

And he was such a wonderful dancer! Where’d he learn to dance like that? He could Samba, Mambo, Tango, and seemingly everything else! was there no end to his talents?

“May I have the privilege of the next dance?” Ty’s rich baritone shook her from her thoughts. She looked up. How long had he been standing there?
She nodded and raised her hand from her lap. “If it is alright with Matt.” She looked over at Matt. He smiled at her reassuringly.”

She took Ty’s hand and Matt watched her being led out onto the dance floor. He knew many others would want their chance to dance with the bride. That was just how these events were.


The evening wore on as the reception wore on. It seemed as if it would never end. He looked at the plane tickets. Departure time was 10 PM. He looked at his watch. 8:30 PM. He motioned to Ty. His friend came over.

He smiled. “Amanda and I should be heading out. Our flight leaves at ten.”

Ty nodded. “I agree. It’s getting too close. I’ll go extract her from the person she is dancing with.”

Matt nodded. “Yes, that would be a great idea.”

Ty patted his friend on the back. “Don’t worry about things here, we can close it down for you.”

Matt smiled, exhausted. “Thanks, Bro. I forgot how much more tiring these things were than a simple concert.”

Ty chuckled. “Me too.”

Matt watched as Ty disappeared into the dancing crowd. Moments later, he returned, Amanda in tow. “Your blushing bride, my man. Slip out while no one is looking. I’ll keep them distracted.”

Matt chuckled. “I don’t doubt it.” He grabbed his friend’s arm. “Thanks, bro. I owe you.”

Ty shrugged. “Nah. You’d do the same for me if I were in your shoes. But you would probably be more hilarious to watch.”

Matt smiled. “You never know.”

Amanda looked at Matt. “Is it really that late?”

Matt nodded. “Yes. We need to head for the airport if we’re going to make it to our little piece of paradise on time.”

Amanda looked into his eyes. “Agreed. We don’t want to disappoint your son by not getting to the honeymoon he picked out for us.”

Matt nodded. “And we’ll have to go to Paris to thank him as well.”

He rose and put his arm around her, urging her toward the door gently. They kept looking back as they neared the door, expecting someone to stop them. No one did. Things were running smoothly.

Out the door and into the back of the rented limo. No one noticed that either were missing until the limo had made it several blocks. By then, it was too late to stop the retreat. Even so, the party rolled on.

Matt looked at Amanda. “We have several blocks before we get to the airport, do you have anything special in mind to pass the time?”

Amanda smiled and moved onto his lap, straddling him. “Like what, Baby? Perhaps a little taste of things to come?”

Matt wrapped his arms around her. “Lead on, Beautiful.”

She lowered her lips to his and she began kissing him passionately. Dear God, she knew how to arouse him! He knew he was having the same effect on her as well. And he knew where this was all leading.

Lead on, Love, lead on, he thought to himself as he slipped deeper into her sexy spell. He began laying down on the seat. He slowly turned so that she could follow him down. This was going to be a very interesting ride.


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