Whispers In Spring: Chapter Twenty-Seven

The next few weeks flew by as if they were mere seconds in Matt’s life. He made progress with the bands he was working with. The gallery was soon ready to open. Everything was going like clock work.

Matt grew nervous with it all running so smoothly. He wasn’t used to having things so good. Something nearly always went wrong somehwere along the way. But nothing had. Yet.

Amanda seemed so calm, though. Nothing seemed to shake her. She continued to keep everything going despite the fact that the big day was coming fast. Matt admired her.

The house was abuzz with activity. The office seemed to be the same way. Matt could tell that the excitement was building. Was he the only one that could remain calm under pressure?


Amanda was growing more excited by the day. She couldn’t wait to be a married woman. It wasn’t a thing of worrying that she was going to lose him, it was more the idea that it was going to be her first wedding, and only marriage. She was determined to remain with Matt forever.

She knew that forever was impossible. But she would take until ‘death did them part’. She wouldn’t have it any other way. Matt was her one and only.

There would be no other. Not even after he was gone. She didn’t want to think that far ahead. Now was good enough for her. It was all they had. Tomorrow hadn’t come yet.

But tomorrow was hope. It was plans of a life forever together. It was her dreams come true. It was everything.

She smiled nervously. She had waited for this her whole life. Now it was going to happen. She couldn’t wait for it to be over.


Ty and Lilianne were palnning a surprise for Matt and Amanda. It was to be their wedding present. It was to be one-of-a-kind. But, then, Ty had never done anything that could be copied.

And Lil was great as a sounding board. She knew instinctively how to pick the best, even if it was expensive. She had been the best thing to ever happen to him. Loving her was amazing.

And she felt the same way. Ty had come into her life at just the right time. She had begun to think that she would never find love, but Ty showed her differently. He came in and showed her how a real man treated a lady.

That had been twenty years ago. They had raised their five kids and watched each go off to college. But neither stooped working. They loved the industry and were very successful at what they did.

And Matt had always been like family. When he chose to move on frm his sorrow, they had borh cheered him on and accepted the young lady who’d helped him find himself. They had watched with pride as the love between Matt and Amanda grew. It was like seeing their old friend reborn.

But, then, they had been part of the group who’d planned the whole meeting out. Although Egypt was at the center, and the main instigator, the whole family-including those who were merrely adopted as members-had been trying to bring Matt out of his self-induced social coma. All past attempts had failed, but this one…well, it spoke for itself.

Ty turned to Lil. “What do you get the man that now has everything he could ever want?”

She smiled. “Hagen Daas and whipped cream?”

Ty smiled back. “Please. I am trying to be serious.”

She nodded. “Sorry. Why not give him a bachelor party he’ll never forget. I will get the girls to help me throw Amanda a bridal shower on the same night along with a bachelorette party.”

Ty chuckled. “Now I know why I love you so much.” He kissed her on the cheek. “That is a brilliant plan. Just nothing that’ll get anyone in trouble.”

She giggled. “Trouble is our middle names.”

Ty shrugged. “True. Still…”

She nodded. “I know, I know. Keep it to a minimum.”

Ty nodded. “Exactly.”

She smiled. “You got it, Boss.”


They were alone, finally. He had come home and went into the living room, collapsing into his favorite chair. She had followed him in and sat on his lap.

The kids were all out of the house running who-knew-what errands. Of course, most were probably buying wedding gifts, not that the happy couple really needed them. But traditions being traditions, it was bound to be one that would not go unobserved.

It was noce just to be able to cuddle and hold her. He had forgotten just how amazing it was to have a woman on his lap. Now, he was relearning it all. And damn, it felt good! Why had he waited so long?

He caught himself. He had waited for her. He could see it clearly now. Even though he’d been suffering from depression and guilt, not to mention a selfish desire to not let go, he had actually been waiting for her. Somehow, he knew that she had been out there waiting for him. So he had waited.

Feeling her on his lap awakened feeling he’d not felt in nearly a decade. For once, he was proud. He was happy. He was…at peace.

He couldn’t wait to put the ring on her finger and tie their lives together once and for all. Not that it was important to him to be tied to her with a symbol. The symbol was just a symbol. They were tied together with bonds stronger than any other.

They were tied together by love. A love far deeper than anything he had ever known, except with Juanita. But she had been sent to begin his journey to recovery and redemption. Amanda had been the destination set for his heart all along. He had just had to wait for her to appear.

He nuzzled her ear. “I love you, Amanda.” His voice was barely a whisper.

She closed her eyes and smiled. “I love you too, Matthew Morrow.”

He closed his eyes and smiled. :He loved it when she called him by his full name. He kissed her on the cheek again. She turned her head so that their lips met. She kissed him, long and passionately.


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    1. I am thinking one or two more chapters. A nice 30 chapters. Since I am at 27, that leaves three chapters to go in the story. That’ll take care of the wedding, the reception, and their honeymoon.

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