No Story Tonight…

I had a long day today. It was made even longer by my mother who insisted, after I was on the road for 84.9 miles today, that I take her home and drive back…only to go pick her up tomorrow morning. Really? I only wanted to stay home and rest! Damn!

Harry just got done posting the next installment of his lurid tale. He says that there is only one more part to chapter one, then he will get on with the story. Unfortunately, he says the overall story is not a happy one. But, then, anything where families are fighting rarely is a happy ending. Look at Romeo And Juliet.

I will not be posting a chapter of Whispers tonight, since I had to run my mother home. That used up most of my writing time. Damn, damn, damn! Always something.

Well, I will get caught up tomorrow. Since I am nearing the wedding, it will be a shorter distance from now until the end of the story. Until tomorrow, good night.


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