Whispers In Spring: Chapter Twenty-Six

Spago was amazing. Never before had Amanda been within the hallowed walls of the legendary restaurant, but to be treated as royalty was above and beyond. She had no idea that Matt knew Wolfgang, yet there she was talking to the legendary chef as if he was an old friend. It was such a wonderful experience.

She envied Matt all his legendary friends and wondered, but not aloud, whether he knew Gordon Ramsey. Why not? After all, Matt was one of the most famous musicians of all time. Why wouldn’t he know Gordon?

Still, knowing Wolfgang was enough. Hell. Matt knew the chef well enough to arrange for take-out, something the high end restaurants rarely-if ever-did. But then, everybody seemed to know Matt and extended him courtesies they wouldn’t normally extend to others.

Amanda was truly blessed. She had a wonderful man who loved her. She loved him too. She had fallen head over heals for him the minute she laid eyes on him. She got the feeling he’d done the same.

After an extravagant meal, Matt did not head home. Rather, he headed for the theatre. He had a whole day of being out planned. The grand finale would be flowers and the necklace.

And of course, there would be chocolates. The best he could find. Nothing was too good for his Amanda, not that he owned her. He didn’t. If anything, she owned him.

She owned him, heart and soul. But he wouldn’t have it any other way. He loved losing himself in her love. It was amazing.


The theatre was packed with many of the town’s elite. Though Matt could be classified as such, he rarely hobnobbed with those who shared the city’s power and wealth. He often held them with great disdain due to their views on the poor and less fortunate. Unlike them, he had started out poor.

He had started out homeless, anyway. The poverty was just temporary and in spurts. Granted there were times when his mother’d had money. Grams and Gramps Morrow had seen to it.

But being rich and powerful had never appealed to him. Being merciful and compassionate, that was what was more important. True power was knowing you could destroy a life, yet not doing so because of the larger impact it would have. It was known as showing mercy and it was something the rich and powerful had discarded in their lust for more.

But he wasn’t here for them. Not really. He was here for her. This was his first gift to her.

He was here so that she could see the beauty of an opera first hand. Romeo Et Juliet, a French rendering of the classic made famous by the bard Shakespeare. Yet the story itself was timeless. It was an old Italian story, one rooted in the traditions of family honor and family rivalry. It was a beautiful tale.

Not so much because of the suicides, murder and mayhem, but because it was a love story. Though tragic, it showed that nothing could destroy love. Love knew no boundaries, not even death or familial honor. But then, all opera was beautiful. The complexity and composition made it such.


She clung to him throughout the entire production. He felt her joy, her excitement, and even her sense of sorrow and despair as she gazed upon the scenes and watch the dancing and heard the beautiful singing. The arias seems to take her breath away. He smiled.

This was better than the movie he’d originally planned. Maybe he would hold the movie back for another time. There were other things they could do. A walk in the park, the zoo, the possibilities were endless.

He smiled. This had been the best idea he’d had in days. She was awestruck. He reveled in her wonderment. It made him feel good.


Four hours later, they walked out of the theatre. She was still clinging to his arm tightly as the valet pulled the car up to the curb. He opened the door and she let go only to get in. Once she was in, he shut the door and walked to his own side of the car. Climbing in, he fastened his seatbelt and put the car into drive.

He looked over at her. “Where to, Madame?”

She smiled. Oh, this has been a wonderful evening, Baby. Let’s go home and finish it the only way we can, by making love.”

He smiled. “Your wish is my command, fair lady.”

He held her hand all the way home. He desperately wanted to kiss her, but knew he couldn’t. Not while driving. He couldn’t help thinking how beautiful she looked.

They pulled back into the drive at a quarter to nine. He got out and went around to her door, opening it. He offered her his arm as she stepped out and she took hold of it He felt like a new man with her on his arm as they walked to the door. He opened the door.

She turned to him. “Thank you for a wonderful evening, Matt. It was more than I ever expected.” She fell into his arms and kissed him.

He smiled. “You are always welcome, my love.” He reached into his sport coat pocket and pulled out a slim box. He extended it to her. “I have something special for you. A gift.”

She opened the box and let out a gasp, almost dropping the box. “Oh, Matt, it’s–it’s beautiful!”

He refrained from smiling, trying to keep serious. “But not as beautiful as you, Amanda.”

He removed the necklace from the box and, extending his arms around her neck, put it on her. He pulled her to him gently and kissed her. She stood there in his embrace, quivering from the excitement. He could feel her resolve slowly giving way. “Come. Let’s get up to our room before we lose control here. NO need in embarrassing ourselves.”

She nodded. “Yes.” her voice was little more than a whisper.

He swept her into his arms and made his way up to their bedroom. Tonight would be a very special night. He only hoped that the flowers had been delivered and arranged in the bedroom while they are gone. He also hoped that the candles and candle stands had also been delivered. He hoped that the evening he’d planned was ready to happen without a hitch.


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