Whispers In Spring: Chapter Twenty-Four

Matt rolled over to find Amanda reaching for him. He pulled her to him, then onto his chest as he lay on his back. Her lips sought his as they lay there. He smiled. “Good morning, Sexy. How did you sleep?”

She smiled and kissed him again. “Like a baby. But then, I have the world’s most handsome man next to me to keep me safe.”

He chuckled. He could feel her hands moving, seeking. “I have the most amazing, wonderful woman to keep me out of trouble as well.”

Her hands found what they were seeking and he felt his temperature rise slightly. He knew instantly what she wanted. He kissed her, then rolled both of them over so that he was above her. She smiled up at him. “Ready to be a naughty boy?”

He began kissing her neck. “Oh yes.”


It was nine when he emerged from the shower. He had taken the time to shave as well. He watched as she slid from the bed and went into the bathroom. Her naaked body vanished through the door and hewas tempted to follow her in, but he remained in the bedroom.

He dressed quickly and began getting ready for the day. She emerged, a few minutes later, towel wrapped around her head like a turban. He let his eyes walk down her naked body. God, she was beautiful!

He loved it when she teased. It made the day more interesting. He watched her as she dressed. He went and untwisted the strap on her bra for her, when she began getting frustrated. He wrapped his arms around her from behind, just beneath her breasts and held her gently.

He kissed her neck. “Have I told you lately how beautiful you are?” His voice was little more than a whisper.

She breathed in. “Yes, in everything you do and every word you say. You don’t have to come out and tell me in so many words, you show me every second we’re together.”

He gently turned her to face him. “You are the most beautiful woman I know.” He kissed her.

He released her and allowed her to finish dressing. He hated to go to work, but he knew he had to. He didn’t want to leave her alone. He wanted to spend all day with her.

But their time alone made it worthwhile to come home. He knew what he had waiting for him. He wanted to have that newness every day. And distance made the heart grow fonder.

He took her hand after she had finished and led her out of their room and down the stairs to the kitchen. Egypt had breakfast ready for them when they arrived.

“Breakfast is served,” she stated, doing her best impression of the stereotypical bulter.

He smiled. “Thanks, Jeeves.”

Egypt laughed. “You’re welcome, Sir.”


He was in the office by ten. He would work a few hours with the bands, then go home. It would be a lot easier when she began working in the empty office near his. Then he could spend as much time as he wanted around her, even after they left the house. He smiled at the thought.

Ty entered. “Chris says he has the gallery set up. They were able to get the prints that went with the sketches that had no painting. Tim’s old label had them and donated them. Said the gallery needed them worse than their vaults. Guess they’ve started dumping the excess copies of Tim-o’s albums as well.”

Matt looked at him. “Would you mind seeing if they would donate a copy or two of each album?”

Ty nodded, perplexed. “Sure, but I don’t see why–”

He smiled. “Let’s just say that I want to show my students what mediocre really is.”

Ty shrugged, then laughed. “Yeah, tim was rather mediocre wasn’t he?”

Matt nodded. “Sure was. Do you think they would still have videos and things like that from his supposed hits?”

Ty almost lost his composure, but held in the urge to laugh. “Yes, they should. Hell. They might even sell out to you. They failed a lot when he was signed. old fans and musicians literally fled from them. Now, they are trying not to go through litigation over some of the material they produced before his reign of terror began.”

Matt looked at him. “Call the head of the label in. It’s time we acquired a new label.”

Ty nodded. “OK. I’m eager to see what rappers they had. Maybe, if and when we pick them up, we can lure them back.”

Matt nodded. “My thought as well. If we can pick up the label and lure back the talent they lost, we can possibly triple our revenue as well as theirs. If you hear of any more labels on the edge, invite them into talks with us. It is time for us to grow.”

Ty nodded in agreement, then left. Matt watched him go. Once his friend was gone, he rose and headed out the door for the rehearsal hall. He stopped by Devin’s office and looked in. “Pass word. You find any small production companies who are in financial distress, invite them in for talks. We’re going to start building this company bigger.”

Devin nodded. “Alright, Boss. Will do.”

Matt nodded, then resumed his walk toward the rehearsal halls. It felt good to be back. He wondered just how much his students had got done. Did they do as he had asked them? Or did they all suddenly think that he had nothing to teach?

He opened the door and was mildly surprised to hear all of the musicians jamming together. Perhaps they were collaborating on their projects. That would be a good thing if they were. It would mean that they were open to outside influences. He smiled.

The music stopped as soon as he entered. He stopped walking. “Why’d you stop?”

One of the drummers smiled. “We were just getting warmed up.”

He smiled. “That was just warming up? That is the best I have heard you play at any given time. See what allowing outside influences in does for your playing?”

One of the guitarists looked at him. “What did you start as?”

He chuckled. “Piano player. I worked my way up to guitarist, then vocalist, the old fashioned way. I learned jazz, rockabilly, soul, blues, ragtime, boogie–what have you. I only went to metal in the eighties because it was popular. But I never sold myself short. I always kept true to my own vision, not that of the nearsighted industry”

One of the vocalists stood. “Don’t you mean ‘farsighted?”

Matt shook his head. “If they were farsighted, they would see what will be popular, not what is popular now. They would be planning for more than a five year stint for their talent, rather than using them up and spitting them out.”


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  1. It wouldn’t be a romance without the mushy stuff. I am still trying to decide how long I want to really drag this story out. Not sure I can make it as long as “Winter”.

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