Whispers In Spring: Chapter Twenty

Salvador had a wonderful meal ready for them all when they returned. Matt couldn’t help but smile. Seemed as though all his children knew how to cook. Well, a few, anyway. He couldn’t say that they all knew how. But he had a feeling that, before all was said and done, he would learn just how many could.

He knew that all those he’d raised himself could. He had taught them how. He assumed that Sandra did as well, having taken care of an ill parent. But then, it was dangerous to assume anything.

Still, she had some experience in a kitchen. She was the perfect server. He smiled. Perhaps she’d waited tables before.

As he walked into the dining room with the rest of the group, they were greeted by plates already prepared and set upon the table. The food was definitely still hot and smelled divine. Salvador stood waiting for them. “Deener eez served,”

Matt had to smile. There was that Hispanic accent. He shook his head in good humor. He sat down with the others.

Sal sat down last. The feast before them was succulent. Deep, rich, and spicy–it was filling. It was the most delicious meal they’d ever had. But any meal Matt didn’t have to cook himself was the most delicious meal he’d ever had. Dessert was as sweet and rich as the main course had been spicy.

As the evening wore on, and those around the table began to succumb to the calls of their beds, the little group began drifting out of the dining room. One by one, they disappeared until only Matt and Amanda were left at the table. He looked at her longingly. She was his only love.

He smiled at her. “I missed you today, while I was gone. It just was not the same as having you there with me.”

She smiled back. “Is that a bad thing?”

He chuckled. “No. It is a very good thing.”

She rose and went over to sit on his lap. “I missed you too, Honey. Every second we were apart. ”

He wrapped his arms around her. “Shall we go and make up for it?”

She kissed his cheek. “Let’s do.”

She rose from her seat on his lap and let him rise. He took her hand and led her up the stairs toward their bedroom. She felt the excitement rising within her. She loved him so much. He knew exactly how to make her feel brand new.


Morning came too quickly. Matt would have loved nothing more than to remain in bed with Amanda, but he had to go to work. He had ten bands to mentor and he wanted to get them started. He knew that they couldn’t start themselves. They would need his expertise.

He rolled over momentarily and pulled Amanda to him, kissing her lips. She opened her eyes and smiled. He smiled back. “Good morning, sexy.”

She searched for another kiss. “Mmmmmm. Good morning.” She was definitely not awake yet.

He kissed her a third time. “Would you like breakfast in bed this morning, baby?”

She pressed hard against his body. “Breakfast? Why can’t we skip straight to the dessert?”

He chuckled. “Why not?”

He pulled her on top of him. God, how he loved her! He couldn’t understand how he had gone so long without a woman in his life. A real woman, not some temporary one nighter that he soon forgot. But a real woman.They kissed.


It was about eight when he finally emerged from the bedroom. Freshly showered and shaved, he was ready for the day. She emerged shortly afterward. She glowed with a radiance that told of her heart’s joy.

They were met in the kitchen by Egypt. She smiled upon seeing them. It was good to see her friend and her father so in love. It had been too long for both. “Good morning, love birds. Did you sleep well?”

Matt nodded. “Quite well, thank you.”

Amanda grinned a sappy grin. “Yes.” She looked lovingly at Matt.

Egypt giggled. “Breakfast is ready. If you will go sit down, I will bring it to you.”

Matt smiled. “Alright, my daughter.”

He took Amanda’s hand and led her gently to the table. Pulling out her chair, he helped her get seated. She looked up at him and smiled. “Such a gentleman!”

He kissed her cheek. “Mama raised me to be a perfect gentleman. I might as well put that into practice.”

She watched him sit down. “What do you have to do today?”

He smiled. “I have ten bands to work with. Going to get them ready for the big time. Well, if they follow my lead.”

She nodded. “Will I see you at all today?”

He nodded reassuringly. “I am coming home for lunch. If I get done early enough today, I will stay home all afternoon.”

Her eyes lit up. “Oh please do! I don’t want to be without you for very long. Besides. I am going to try and talk Darlene into reserving the tuxes for the wedding and we will need you men if she does.”

Egypt entered, two plates in her hand. “Your breakfast, Madame et Monsieur. Bon appetit.”

Matt looked up at his daughter. “Go get your breakfast and eat before it gets cold. Let the rest fend for themselves for a day.”

Amanda looked over at him. “Getting gutsy, aren’t we?”

He chuckled. “They should all know how to cook by now. Let ’em get their own breakfast for a change. They’re not up yet, so why not?”

She smiled. God, how she loved that man! He was amazing! Always thinking of others.

Of course, she knew she had been the reason that part of him had come back. He had done the same to her. He had made a part of her return that she thought had been long gone. She couldn’t see life without him.

She shuddered to think of such. Life would not be life without him. Even as short a time as they had been together, it would not be life without him. There would be no love. There would be no joy.

She would be alone. Her world would be drab and her days dull. He was her color. He was her sun, moon and stars.


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