Well, That worked Like A Charm…

I was going to post another chapter of Whispers, but suddenly drew a blank. I was writing a wonderful dinner scene, like I tend to do, but hit one of those dead end sentences. You know, the ones that start a paragraph that never grows? Well, now I am stuck.

I try to keep the erotic/sensual down to a minimum. Yes, I know in life, sex is a constant. But I do not want my book filled with senseless sex. That is not what it is about. it is about all of life. The pan. the romance. The drama.

I am adding to the underlying story, though. Thought I would let you know. Once I catch up with the original Series within The Morrow Family Saga, I will be adding more books. I probably won’t be as quick getting the final series out, due to restrictions from time frame, but they will definitely be well worth writing. I just have to figure out which of Matt’s children I want to follow.


4 thoughts on “Well, That worked Like A Charm…

    1. I was going for a nice family dinner complete with chatter and revelry. We’ll see what today brings. stayed home because my tinnitus has been flaring up and makes driving a challenge. also have a migraine trying to build. will write before it gets much worse.

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