Whispers In Spring: Chapter Sixteen

By three, the results had arrived. He glanced at them then added those to the growing pile of proof and began doing other things. He had better things to do that go back over things he already knew beyond any doubt. He took a deep breath.

He picked up the phone and dialed Ty’s number. He waited until he heard his friend’s voice. “How’s things getting along on the gallery?”

Ty chuckled on the other end. “Chris said that it is just about ready to install the pieces. They’ve framed every sketch and every painting, so all is ready to install as soon as the space is ready.”

Matt smiled. “Wanna go take a look? I am eager to see what he has done.”

Ty paused. “Let me call and see if he’ll mind.”

Matt chuckled. “OK. Get back to me. I am going stir crazy sitting in my office. I need to get out and go somewhere for a while. I think I am just about ready to come back to work. I mean at the company.”

Ty coughed, trying not to laugh. “Really?”

Matt nodded, even though he knew his friend couldn’t see him. “Yep. I need to get out of the house for a while every day. Got many bands coming in?”

His friend didn’t keep him waiting long. “Yes, and they all ask for you. Now that you’re going to be back, they’ll be lining up again. You have been sorely missed by all. They didn’t want to believe the cover story about a health problem. I think they knew better.”

Matt laughed. “Yeah, there are only a handful of health problems we older musicians suffer. Alcohol poisoning, drug overdose, or AIDS related illnesses. And they all knew it wasn’t any of them because I hadn’t been listed among the dead.”

Ty was clearly ecstatic over the news of his return. “Yep. But, hey, man. Welcome back in the saddle! Does Amanda know?”

Matt was silent for a second. “No, but I know she’ll support it. She is such a wonderful woman. I had forgotten how good it felt to be in love, man.”

Ty hesitated. “You think she would take up Juanita’s role?”

Matt smiled. “Maybe. I can ask her. I mean she is a wonderful musician. She would be amazing in the role. But it has to be her decision. I am not going to coerce her or force her into taking on anything she doesn’t want.”

Matt thought he could hear a smile cross Ty’s face. “I understand. Hey, look. Let me call Chris and see if it would be alright for us to–inspect–his handiwork. I will call you right back.”

Matt smiled. “Alright, bro. Talk to you in a bit.” He hung up after Ty.

He would ask Amanda about working with him after the wedding. He wanted her to do whatever she was happiest doing, not what she believed would make him happy. He was happy only when she was happy, but not because she was ever vindictive. Rather, he hated to see her down or unhappy. And he could tell when she was not happy without her saying a thing.

He wanted to enjoy their honeymoon before any other decisions. He wanted to enjoy some alone time with her. No business, no worries, no distractions–just the two of them, alone. He was ready to be her greatest fantasy.

He smiled at the thought. She was worth it. She was worth everything. She was more important than anything else.

He counted his lucky stars she was his. She made him feel like a man. He was a king in her eyes. Hell. She was a queen in his.

He sat back in his chair. He put his hands on the back of his head and closed his eyes. A smile crept upon his face. He had every reason to be happy.

He had an awesome bunch of children. He had a loving woman who was only days from being his wife. He had a successful business, a business he loved. He was a satisfied man.

The phone rang, interrupting his daydream. He sat up and answered it. It was Ty. “Chris is ready for us to inspect. I will be over to get you in about twenty minutes.”

Matt smiled. “OK. I’ll go let Amanda know that I will be out for a while. Her and the kids’ll have the house all to themselves. Might even throw a party in my absence.”

Ty was smirking, Matt could tell by his voice. “Would that be a bad thing?”

He chuckled. “Not really.”

Ty snickered. “Ok. Talk to you in twenty.” He hung up before Matt could say anything more.

Matt hung up. He rose from his chair and headed for the door to his office.He would go in search of Amanda.. He would let her know that he was going to be out. Then, he would go and wait for Ty outside.

Moments later, he found her in the living room with the rest of those who were planning the wedding. She saw him peeking in and came to the door. “Yes, Baby?”

He smiled. “I am going to be gone for a while. Ty and I are going to go inspect the gallery before the art is installed.”

She smiled back and wrapped her arms around him. “You sure I’m going to let you?”

He kissed her lips. “Yes, My Love. I think you will. If not, I will just have to tell Ty that I can’t go out and play.” He winked at her.

She giggled. “Go have some fun. You can let me know how it all looks when you get back.” She turned away to go, then turned just enough to look at him and wink. “Me and the girls will have ourselves a party while you’re gone.”

He winked back. “Just don’t do anything I would.”

She smiled seductively. “I won’t. I’ll save all that for when you get back.”

He watched her walk away. Just watching her got him hot. He turned away before anything grew. He wanted to wait until they were alone before allowing that to happen.


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    1. I am glad you like him. I have struggled to make him the most complex and flawed character I have ever created. I wanted him to be more human than most characters you see in romance or even in general fiction. So many are two dimensional and almost too perfect for real life.

      Since I am capturing real life, though in a fictional character, I wanted to make him as real as possible. Almost as if he could be your next door neighbor. (you, being general, not exclusive)

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