I have finally figured out the plot to the next book in Seasons. Summertime will watch Matt and Amanda as they raise their children together. I will break it into three or four parts covering baby, childhood, and teen…and maybe young adulthood for the children. Everything from the joys of parenthood to the worries of the teen years will be covered (and I have experienced them all as a parent myself).

Autumn Blues will be the last of the golden years for our couple, ending with life’s inevitable finale. Bringing on yet another winter, but a short one. No more long drawn out seasons of sorrow for any characters. I promise.

Seasons In The Sun will begin the story for one or more of the children. Who knows? I might come back to the series after ten or so years and do another round or two of the Morrow Family Saga where the baton passes from Matt to one of his children. Don’t know yet. Need to get through the current round before I think that far ahead.


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