Off To The Circus…

Well, I had intended to get up this morning, on time, but my alarm clock failed to go off. I overslept and got a late start. Damn. Can’t win for losing.

Anyway, I had planned on catching up a bit on Whispers. But with the late start, I was lucky just to get my foggy mind out of bed long enough to finish the current chapter. I set my alarm for 7, but I did not get up until 8 or thereafter.

What started it off was the fact that I stayed up a bit later than usual. Instead of going to bed at 9 or 10, I ended up going to bed at almost midnight. I guess I could have foregone the last installment of the Underworld trilogy, but I didn’t have to work as early. When the last movie ended, it was 11 PM. Then, the storm made its appearance and I kept watch through the heaviest to make sure my trash can did not end up in the street. I also had to make sure that it didn’t rain in the windows.

Anyway, the beautiful weather has me all goofed up. It is nice and I want to be outside. Yet when I am outside, I want to be elsewhere. The usual summer restlessness has set in and it isn’t even summer yet.

So to sum it up, I will try to add another couple of chapters when I get back from being a part of the flying circus. I don’t mind the Thursday run. It is an elderly couple I enjoy being around. they are nice people.

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