Whispers In Spring: Chapter Twelve

Dinner was awash with conversation. Matt sat back and listened to the amazing amount of interaction. It had been a long time since the house’d had this much activity and noise. He couldn’t help but smile.

Each new voice was greeted and made welcome by those that had been there through it all. His older children found no difficulty in accepting their newer siblings. Although they weren’t really younger, they were new to the group. But newness did not exclude them from being made a part of the family.

There would be plenty of time for all to get to know one another.After all, that was a part of being family. Still, he knew there was bound to be more to add to the family as time went along. But right now, it was nice to see the ones who were present getting acquainted.

He wished he could thank their mothers for raising such wonderful children. Well mannered kids were so hard to find nowadays. There were so many who thought they were owed something.

Not these young men and women. They weren’t out for what they could get. They simply wanted to meet their father and siblings. Of course, none had known who their father was-or what he looked like-until a few days ago.

He caught himself. They had to have known who their father was. No mother would have left their child clueless about that. Especially when he had been the only man they’d been with up to that point. There had been no mystery, no real reason to doubt it.

But he had never been present in their lives. For that, he was sorry. He should have been. Perhaps if he had been, things might have been different.

Not just for them, but for him as well. Perhaps he wouldn’t have fallen so deep into his depression. Who was he fooling? He had allowed himself to slip into that depression.

Hell. He had been the source of that depression. He had refused to let go of those who’d died. Tom, Susie, Juanita, and Dallas had all been excuses to leave the world behind. Not to mention Dallas’s grandfather.

He had willingly sank into his depression and had been surrounded by his known children. It wouldn’t have been any different had he been surrounded by all his children. He would have still left the world behind instead of looking for a new love to take up where the first had left off. Yes, he had been very stupid. Very selfish.

A knock upon the front door interrupted the frivolity and he excused himself. He knew who was at the door. He wanted to be the one who received the package, no one else. Yes, he was being selfish. But for a good reason.

He opened the door. The courier stood on his front step with a pair of cowboy boots and a strange looking helmet on, hiding the fact that his bicycle shorts were at least one size too small and his shirt had passed its better days years ago. Matt stifled a smile. “Can I help you?”

The boy turned back to face him. “Yes. Delivery for Matt Morrow from University Hospital.” The young man pulled the envelope from his pack and handed it to Matt with the clipboard he had in his outstretched hand.

Matt accepted both and signed his name. “Thanks, son.” He looked up and grinned. “Word to the wise. Quit trying so hard and find an outfit that actually fits. You look ridiculous.”

The young man turned every shade of red. Matt handed him the clipboard and he took his leave. Matt closed the door. Turning around, he burst out laughing.

When he’d finished, he took the envelope into his office and opened it. He was not surprised by the results. He sat the results down on his desk and went back to the dining room. Taking his seat, once again, at the head of the table, he waited for his dessert.

Amanda leaned over toward his chair. “Good news?”

He nodded. “Very good news.”

She smiled. “I am happy for you.”

He winked at her. “They’re going to be a part of your family too, Baby.”

She nodded. “I know. I’m happy for us.”

He chuckled. “Me too.”


It was dark when everyone made their way to bed. Matt and Amanda slipped away first, then the children each drifted from the table. Soon, Egypt and Sandra were the only ones left at the table. Sandra looked at Egypt. “Need help with the clean up?”

Egypt nodded. “Only if you want to.”

Sandra got up and began collecting the dishes from her side of the table. Egypt did the same. Together they loaded the dishes into the dishwasher and set them to wash. They cleaned the kitchen and the dining room and then headed for bed.

Matt began undressing the second he and Amanda stepped into the master bedroom. Amanda touched his hands and he stopped. She kissed his lips and began unbuttoning his shirt. He began to remove her blouse as well. Soon, they stood–him in undershirt, her in bra–kissing deeply and passionately.

She unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, he unzipped her skirt. He undid her bra and she removed his undershirt. He laid her down gently on the bed and began kissing her nearly naked body. As he did she shivered in ecstasy.

He stopped momentarily at the crest of her hips. He slipped her panties off and continued the foreplay. She sighed and arched with everything he did. He was getting her hot and he knew it. But that was the reason he was doing it all.

He worked his way back up her body until their lips met. He rolled her on top of him. It was her turn and he knew she was ready. He closed his eyes and smiled as she began. It was going to be a night they would never forget. He laid back and enjoyed the ride.


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    1. I won’t take it past that point, though. sex in books are overrated. at least, that is my philosophy. I will write foreplay, but not sex scenes. Not that I can’t. I have written erotica before, but I do not really want to turn this series into erotica.

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