It calls
It crawls
It feasts
It lies.

Winds whip
As it spends its life
Following the same path
As it has always followed
Oblivious to the wind
Or seasons of change.

And still minds grasp at it
As if it is the only thing
That exists
That matters
And men seek it as if it were riches.

It hides behind illusions
It grows from fear
It feeds upon ignorance
It lies to its followers
It crawls into the lives of all, unwarranted.

Some call it by a name
I does not deserve: religion;
Others call it purification,
Yet it is not;
For both demand wisdom and truth.

And yet, man resists both.
He allows the darkness to grow
And to shut all doors that should be open.
He finds what he seeks:
He Hates!