Do They Know?

Do they know
That life is not
So cut and dried?

There is no line
Separating us all
Except for those
We form in our own minds
Our own hearts.

There is no difference
Between me
And the people
We cannot see

We divide
We seek difference
We seek an excuse
To not like another
And yet
We are all one

A singular race
That likes to believe
That it is many
Despite what we are shown
By the Crayon box

For Crayons are still Crayons
Despite their color
Their size
Or the user’s preference–
They are still made of colored wax,
Used for bringing color into empty pages

And so are people
All humans are here
To add color
To add variety
And much more

For if we were all the same–
Same color
Same sexual preference
Same belief
Same gender
Same height
Same weight
Same hair style and color
Same mode of dress–
We would still find a reason to hate
To fear
To avoid
Each other
And it would still be as stupid
As the reasons we pick right now.



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