The Road Just Keeps Getting Longer…

Not long ago, I asked my bosses to cut down on how much I had to drive. I gave them notice that I was getting ready to go to school and was thinking of taking on another job. Well, they tend to forget rather easily. Yes, I had the day off yesterday. But that is no reason to double book me today.

When I have two runs to make, it makes my day way to long. I wanted, very much, to continue my job search. But no. Not today.

I was hoping for an email with some guidance on work-study opportunities. Right now, I would settle for the lowest position in the A&R department in any agency, management company, or label just to comply with what the State said I had to do…find a better paying job.

To top this all off, I am now expected to come up with and pay $968 to the college I had gone to over five years ago, when I fell ill, for their having to return my Pell grant at that time. Can it get any worse? Yes. I have to pay that before they will forward my transcripts to the new school I am trying to enter.

I guess we live and learn. The shorter a road we want, the longer the road seems to get. The harder one looks for what they need, the harder it is to truly find it. It is so frustrating.


3 thoughts on “The Road Just Keeps Getting Longer…

    1. I am really hoping to get the job at the post office. it would be more money and get things somewhat straightened out for me. Even a simple A&R job (it’s kind of like Human Resources for musicians) would suffice because it is still a lot more than I make now.I also want to spend less time on the road and more time being able to get exercise (I walk nearly everywhere when I feel up to it, but driving takes everything out of me).

      My current job (volunteer, of course) leaves me little time for a personal life as well. When I started, I was supposed to be able to have a little say in my schedule. But, that went by the wayside along with most everything else. Call me disgruntled, but I prefer to think of myself as majorly frustrated.

      And thanks for the hugs. I needed that.

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