“Whispers In The Spring”: Chapter Eleven

Doctor Lindt was unusually early in arriving. He brought several kits with him and set them on the desk as he entered the office. “I don’t know how many you really need, Matt, but I brought some kits with me so you can do this here…should the need arise.”

Matt smiled. “Thanks, Doc. I am pretty sure there will be more to come, but I am not sure how many.” He gave a lopsided smile. “I was rather careless in my youth. Loneliness will make you that way.”

The doctor smiled. “I fully understand. Your wild oat days are coming back to haunt you.”

Matt shook his head. “Not really. I actually had their mothers, and other ladies, contacted in the hopes that I might get to meet any children I might have given life.”

The doctor nodded. “Ah. I see.” He began drawing the blood needed for the test from each young adult in the room.” He looked over at Matt. “No need to redo you. We still have yours on file from Sandra. I hope this all turns out positive for you.” He finished with the last one, then closed the final kit.”All done here. I will have the courier run the results over for you. I hope you have a nurse at your disposal. You’ll need one for the rest of these kits.”

Matt looked at his new found children. “Any of you have a nursing degree?”

Francesca nodded. “I am a doctor.” Matt’s eye brow rose in surprise. “I can do these for you when the need be.”

He couldn’t help smile at the slight mistake in her English. He dearly loved her Italian accent. It reminded him of her mother. He even remembered when he met her mother.

It had been his World Tour ’84. He was in Rome. She had been in the front row, left of his central position and had flashed him her breasts. He had winked at her and the roadie knew that as a sign that he wanted her backstage at the end of the show.

It was right after his fourth wife had walked. He was lonely and in need of a woman’s touch. She looked to be eighteen or nineteen. Old enough, he had thought, to share time with him.

He had not intended to sleep with her. He just wanted someone to talk to. Someone not a part of his band. She would be perfect.

But she’d had other ideas. Like most groupies, she had sex on the brain. Unlike most groupies, she had been a virgin. He had been her first, and from what Frannie had voiced with the rest, her only.

God, if he’d only known. He probably could have had an army of wives. But, then, maybe not. Living with a musician was hard and took a special kind of woman. One that didn’t get jealous easily. One that either loved the road as much as he did, or who understood that he was working while on the road and did not try to control everything.

Fidelity, loyalty, had never been a problem with him. He had always been loyal to his wives, never straying from the relationship, no matter how lonely he got. But it seemed that his wives, at least the first six, had a problem with having an extended family and with being loyal to him.

Juanita had been the first to stay true. He now knew that she’d been sent to show him what true love felt like, even the painful part. She’d helped him mature as a man. And for that, he would always love her.

Amanda was his desire now. She filled the void and gave him unconditional love. They were soul mates. They were meant to be together.

She had revived his heart and soul, bringing him love like he never thought possible. At least not after the love he’d shared with Juanita. But he felt her hand in this new relationship too. It was almost as if she wanted Amanda to take her place in his life.

Although no one could ever replace Juanita, They could fill the hole left in his heart and soul. And he had a promise to keep. He could kick himself for being so selfish. So stubborn.

Any of the women who were now represented there in his office would have given anything to be with him. From the sound of things, not one was the least bit interested in the fame or fortune. They would have given him their hearts. He smiled.

Even though the thought made him feel good, he knew it was too late for that now. He had found the missing piece to his life. Amanda was everything. She was his all.

He took a deep breath, then looked at the young adults. “Ready to join the family?”

They all nodded. Divine smiled. “Yes.”

He smiled. “You can find Sandra in the living room. It is across the foyer, past the staircase.” They left and he turned to the doctor. “When can I expect the results?”

The doctor smiled. “In four to six hours.”

He nodded. “Good.”

The doctor grabbed the kits containing the samples and headed for the door. “So what drove you to sow wild oats? I am just curious.”

Matt looked away. “Six unfaithful wives who ran off after less than a year of marriage. Not to mention the spaces in between each where I was so lonely I needed to feel loved. Looking back, maybe it wasn’t the best choice. But I wouldn’t trade any of it for a day in a normal life.”

The doctor nodded. “I suppose I would do the same if I’d lived even a fraction of your life. Others did the same for a lot less.”

Matt laughed. “I know. I worked with many who did because they could. It didn’t matter that they were married. Their wives were back home and they felt that gave them the right to screw around.”


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