The Harsh Reality Challenge: My Daily Life In Sidney, Iowa

I have no pictures to share, but I have lived here for nearly 40 years. I say nearly, because I have left from time to time, but came back. Right now, everything is brown, but it is starting to go green here…slowly. Main street consists of, On the north end, The post office and Casey’s. On the east side, there is a law office, a construction office, the county development office, a manufacturer’s office, the county historical museum, an auto repair shop, a beauty salon that has closed due to the retirement of the hair dresser, and an auto parts store. On the south sits the county extension office, the local agency that helps the less fortunate, City hall, another law office, and a furniture/second hand store. On the west sits a nail salon. photography studio, a bar/restaurant, a doctor’s office, a dentist’s office, a flower shop, an insurance agency, a bank, the drug store, a satellite television/ phone/ internet agent…and another bar, followed by the second insurance agency.

When I moved here, there was actually three bars and a western wear place. Since, businesses have changed hands or closed. This is your typical small town. with the exception of the courthouse which sits in the center of the square, making it one-way all the way around. It is the county seat, so is the largest town (would never say this is a city, too small) here. most towns here, you blink and you are already through them. Not so with Sidney.

Once a year, they hold a rodeo which makes the town grow from 1500 (counting children, dogs, cats and dead people) to over 100,000. It used to make our population rise to nearly 1,000,000 but they have removed a lot of things from the rodeo (like the flea markets and live entertainment) that drew people. Now, it is fading fast, like the area’s economy. Rodeo season is shortly after the county fair, which happens near the rodeo arena.

It isn’t the most exciting place to live, but it is quiet. I drive for the local volunteer taxi service. I know, not the most exciting place. But it is home.