A New Plan Of Attack…

I am trying to finish Hand Me Down World so I can release it soon. I want to begin releasing the saga behind Long Cold Winter as soon as possible. Of course, I want to get the other series out and started as well. This way, I can take my time and write the rest of each over the next year.

Those who decide to order the books I will be releasing will find that I am also including a picture and bio on the back cover of the paperback versions. Now that I have figured out how to customize the cover templates on Createspace, I have begun to make the books more mine and less uniform. The paperback cover of The Price You Pay is a wrap-around one. the picture is continued on the spine and back. The picture you see on the Kindle version is only about half the actual picture.

I am excited, now that I am beginning to find my abilities, and will now feel more comfortable with their cover creator. For example: I learned that you can get rid of the Publisher logo box on the cover templates that have them. all you have to do is click and remove the check mark when that option comes around. removing the check mark removes the box where the logo would go. Cool, huh?