Book Review: “The Cost Of Discipleship” By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

This book is a must have for any serious Christian. It explains that to follow Christ, we must separate from our desires. This means to leave all aspirations behind. No pursuit of wealth or worldly ideals. As Christians, we are to be focused, as Bonhoeffer points out, on Christ and the mission he placed before us. How? As the examples of how to live, rather than the force.

Definitely counter to the current movement within popular Christianity, Bonhoeffer’s book points out that we are to be separate and not of this world. He points out that to follow those things that the world holds dear-wealth, power, fortune (success), righteousness (self, as opposed to Godly), Judgment, cruelty, and violence just to name a few-is to reject the call and to reject what the world holds dear is to embrace Christ’s call.

In Bonhoeffer’s words, we are to mourn the world and take on its sins as Christ took on ours. We are to make sacrifice in order to accept what Christ asks of us. From cover to cover, this is an excellent book. I highly recommend it as a solid guide for Christian living.

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