Life Is Filled With Good Intentions And Unrealized Plans.

I fully intended to have a new chapter for each of the stories I started done and up by now. Clearly, they are not. I barely got Chapter Eight of Whispers done between my first and second run of the day. I also barely got Chapter One of Ohio posted. I was going to have chapter Eight for Hand Me Down World and Do You Miss Me Darlin’? as well as chapter One for Once Around The Ride, Second Wind and Life Loves A Tragedy all up as well.

Damned if I didn’t have the rider from hell this last run. First, I had to honk for fifteen minutes then call my boss to find out that I was supposed to go to the ma’s front door to get his attention–all to take him where he needed to go. then, not more than twenty minutes after delivering him, I was called to pick him up only to find out that it was a misunderstanding. wasted time.

Most writers, if they aren’t procrastinators, hate to waste time. A client should be punctual, waiting for their ride, and clear about their instructions. If a routine is not clearly mapped out before handing the client over to a different driver, then those in charge need to take the flitting time to get a routing established. Don’t just pawn a client off on someone just so you don’t have the aggravation. That is a good way to lose your best help.

I had asked to not be loaded down with any other clients. I did not get my wish. Being volunteer, I do not get paid enough for the headaches I have to endure. Which, incidentally, is the reason I have been hunting for steady ghostwriting work…something that is difficult, at best, to secure. My first round was supposed to be permanent. Maybe I was just too darn good for them and left very little for their writer to do. Or, perhaps they didn’t like my style. I don’t know. I haven’t been contacted back for another assignment since I turned in the last one.

And the one I got contacted for this last time on Guru? Dead silence. The newest one? Well, that is a long story. Suffice it to say, a life-changing career is still on pause. Makes me wanna scream!

At the same time, I can’t figure out how the story Do You Miss Me Darlin’? is more popular than the first in its prequel series, Hand Me Down World. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Maybe it’s too dark and filled with terrible things. But PEOPLE! Those things actually took place! Yes, and in our recent history! Why are you so afraid of the past? Is it the fact that I have destroyed the “idyllic” myth that the 50s were an age of innocence? Or is it the fact that I dare to recall things that might actually look nearly identical as current events?

People, there is an old saying: The more things change, the more they stay the same. to put it another way, history repeats itself when those who repeat it have not learned from the lessons of the first time around. Yes, I tend to get a bit preachy at times, but that is not what the books are about. They are about growing up in the real world, not some Happy Days spinoff that never really showed the truth. Hell. Archie Bunker was closer to the truth than its fans wanted to admit. And still, people failed to see the lesson in it all.

Sad. But, again, as I said, there really isn’t any lesson, except accurate portrayal of history, in the first series. Love will enter the picture, but briefly. The first series, after all, is sort of an American tragedy. Like the series that Life Loves A Tragedy starts. In between there is love, romance, turmoil, and tragedy. All will be capped off with one final round of romance and lasting love which started in Long Cold Winter. I am portraying life in all its glory and all its shame on a backdrop of a huge chunk of American history, leaving off the blindfold to the events that fashioned the rebellious sixties and decadent seventies…followed by the burnout of the eighties. the rest builds up to the final series, Seasons.


10 thoughts on “Life Is Filled With Good Intentions And Unrealized Plans.

    1. It wasn’t so much the writing that wasn’t happening. It was the not being allowed the time to post what I have written. I have them all started, just not posted. I have started the process, though, by opening the story spots on Wattpad. 🙂

      1. I know the feeling, I’m reworking a bit of old fiction instead of creating a new one for WP because of some work projects. LOL do what we gotta do

      2. Decided one sad chapter was enough for the day. had to fight back the tears on the first one I posted. IS that a good sign when it is so sad that it makes the writer cry? Or am I just being too sensitive? I had just enough time to do three of the four chapters I needed to post. am quitting for the day. I am thinking about trying to catch all current stories up before continuing on to the next chapter of the earlier ones. Not sure though.

      3. Yes, it’s a good sign when you make yourself, laugh or cry. There is a lot of memories mixed in with mine so they’re sort of like an interview with a JD counselor or something, exhausting.

      4. I tend to look through the eyes of every one of my characters as I write about them. I take on hard topics, sometimes, and maybe lose a few readers, but it is a part of writing. The chapter I wrote was the scene where Matt is looking at his mother, who knows she is dying, and realizing for the first time that she might be right. He is being asked to take on the raising of his youngest sibling. I got all choked up on it. I could actually relate, though I have never dealt with watching anyone waste away due to HIV/AIDS, I have watched someone I cared about die, and am watching my sister slowly waste away from a lung disorder. I can relate to the pain.

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