All Caught Up…

So now that I have each B.I.P. at seven chapters, I am going to take some time to start the next three “Book Ones” in the overall series. After all, I do have to give a cohesive storyline to go with Long Cold Winter. But I do have a problem. A slight mystery.

My problem is this: Why is there a reluctance to like Hand Me Down World? Does it have something to do with the conflicts going on in the story? Is it the backdrop of the turbulent (and not-so-ideal) fifties? Or is it that the age of the characters is so young? Or all of the above?

Historically, my backdrop is very sound. I am not backing away from the bare facts here. The background has a lot to do with where Natalia ends up. I know it isn’t a real romance, it is not meant to be. It is back story. Not all the back story is going to be romantic.

As I stated, I have shifted some of the other titles around. I decided to lengthen out Natalia’s marriage to Trent by two years. Do You Miss Me Darlin’? will not end with him going to war, but rather, with him getting back into college due to timing and the actual historical timeline. He will leave for boot camp at the end of the next book and his death will be reported at the beginning of the third book. Or maybe the middle or end. it will be what forms the outcome of the book after it.

As for the shift in the first series, it was needed. the new arrangement keeps with continuity. The flow was off with my original lineup.