A Change Of Plans…

On the first series, I am switching some of the titles around. Well, actually, probably only two. I am moving “Star Baby” to where “Dreams” currently sits. And vice versa.

The same goes for series two. “New Mother Nature” will be switching places with “Cardboard Empire” and “Broken” will change with “No Sugar Tonight”, Which will also be moving up with the first switch.

I have decided to make Natalia’s marriage to Trent last a bit longer, giving her character a bit of stability and happiness for a while.

While I know that “Hand Me Down World” is a bit darker than most of the story, I am keeping it historically accurate. As or the crushes she has, I raised two stepdaughters and a niece. All three were prone to crushes from about the age of nine until the they were through their teens…and even now, My 20-something niece tends to mistake her crushes for actual love. And My seventeen old stepdaughter as well. I am no longer in contact with the fifteen/sixteen year old, so I cannot surmise about her.

I am trying to keep the story as real as possible, so I have been researching everything I have put into the story. Please bear with me, everything has a part to play in Natalia’s life…and, ultimately, Matt’s later on.