Other Places I Can Be Found….

My wattpad username is jaysentrueblood. I keep it simple so that I can remember. the last time I didn’t stick with the plan, I forgot all about passwords and the like. Now, I use my pseudonym as my user name for most blogs and sites I use. Keeps my confusion at a minimum…until I forget a password or something.

I am also on tumblr, but can’t remember right off what the blog’s name is. I was on Google +, but, again, forgot my password.


7 thoughts on “Other Places I Can Be Found….

  1. This is very interesting. You may not believe it, but many people forget like you. Sometimes I leave things in my head because they are so clear and I don’t see how I can forget; but before long, I have forgotten. Hence, you have some companions. What I am doing now is to write whatever I want to remember.

  2. I give my kids the passwords to everything that way I have a younger mind to remember it should I forget

    1. I would probably do the same, but I have no children in the house. I do have a passbook where I keep most of my passwords, but I have…neglected…to copy some down.

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