Chapter One…

I have chapter one started for Hand Me Down World, Do You Miss Me Darlin’, and Ohio. After I get these chapters posted to wattpad, I will begin on the first chapters of Once Around The Ride, Second Wind and Life Loves A Tragedy. I have rearranged a few things as well. The first series starts when Natalia is nine. it’ll give a little backdrop to the whole story and where Matt’s view of the world in general comes from. FYI. Shasta and Natalia are twins, not older/younger than each other. Where Nattie is somewhat wild, Shasta is the “good” girl, never getting into trouble. Shasta distances herself from her sister by claiming to be younger.

But, then, you know the story. Or at least a part of it. The cleaned up version Matt preferred. Along with the darker version of his mother’s life, based on what he saw her doing when he was a child.

I was asked why CPS was not involved where the story was concerned. One of the things the reader who asked did not take into consideration was that CPS, as we know it, did not appear until the 1970s. It was not an organized agency in the 60s. There was funding, just not a cohesive agency. It was not until the 80s that the agency had strict guidelines as to how to operate, or the power to do as much as they do today.

To write in an agency that, for the most part, really did not exist in the 60s into that time frame would be erroneous. Yes, I could have written them in around 1974, but no sooner. Not really.