What Format Do You Like Best?

I am going to talk book format. Electronic versus Paper. Paperback versus Hardbound. Ok, maybe not that far but you get the picture.

Personally, I like a book I can hold in my hand and bend and fold the pages. Some like e-book because it is portable and goes anywhere…and you can take up to 1000 books (maybe more) with you in one small device. I would only like this if I was doing a lot of traveling. Of course, I also like the Kindle-For- PC app I have on my desktop for reading and reviewing books. it is a nice way to see which books you would actually put in your home library of paperbacks. (screen glare gets to me after while).

Anyway, which do you prefer? Paper? Or electronic? After all, all my books come in both (except the first three I published because the publisher, being a vanity, wants too damn much for things I realized I can do for free). This means that “winter” and the next book will also be in both formats…after my betas get through reading them. 🙂


12 thoughts on “What Format Do You Like Best?

  1. I prefer to hold a book in my hands. I do some e-reading but always end up getting distracted by other things.

    1. I only use e-format for reviews and to choose the books that I want to buy (later) as paperbacks. it would never become too habit forming with me due to the need to always plug the silly Kindle/Nook in and the problem that crops up with having poor eyesight anyway…glare and blur after a long day.

      I love paperbacks. most of my library is made up of the fool things. some I still haven’t read.

      1. I have read the majority of my paperbacks, but I bought a few a while back that I still haven’t read. took me forever to read “House Of Seven Gables” due to the wordiness and inclusion of what I like to call too much nothing. in other words, Hawthorne was great at going almost nowhere with his chapters because he added too many words instead of getting down to the business at hand. I suppose, as an author, I do the same or attempt the same, but I do try to remain on task. I still haven’t made it through “Twice Told Tales”. I have hard-bounds I haven’t read as well, some I attempted, but found way to dry. (Most of my hard bounds are history related. “Thucydides” is one I haven’t read. I don’t think the author knew how to make anything interesting.)

      2. Why do you hang on to books that you really don’t care for? Life’s too short donate them to the library and set your shelves freeeeeee. 😉

  2. Bit of both, my local library has e-book check out that I can get from anywhere. But given the opportunity, I love an old school book to read. Not sure why.

  3. It isn’t that I don’t care for them. I just haven’t gotten around to reading many of them. I have been far too busy writing. I keep Thucydides simply because I am determined to read it at some point.

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