Before We Go Back To The Story…

I have some pictures to share with you before I go back to writing. I was searching for possible covers for the current book when it is done and decided to get your opinions.

picture #1


picture #2


picture #3


picture #4


Picture #5


and picture #6


Remember, you don’t have to like any of these. They are just preliminary photos. None are definite as covers. Not yet. Just the first round of choices. If you don’t like them, let me know. Also give me a better idea of what you think the cover should be like.

Personally, I am partial to the garden statuette scene and both swan pics, simply because they look as if they are whispering or may be whispering to each other.


2 thoughts on “Before We Go Back To The Story…

    1. hmmm…the only one with wedding rings I could find that even came close to the story’s premise. all the others were lackluster. or had words in them. Or the couples looked nothing like I imagine Matt and Amanda. bad thing about going with free stock pics. you’re definitely limited. I kind of liked it too.

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