Am I Making You Hungry Yet?

As you have probably noticed, I have a love affair with food. After all, my first profession was that of short order cook in restaurants and cafes. Which means…I know a lot about food and what goes into prepping it from scratch. And especially about how time consuming it can be. But I still love to cook. Just not for the public…unless I do so through one of my characters and not in reality.

I have just recently used a version of one of my own favorites to fix (although I certainly would not go through the trouble of cutting up my own pepperoni or Canadian bacon. Or making my own sauce. Or grating my own cheese. although I do cut up my own veggies. and make my own crust.), pizza. I love homemade pizza. I learned how to make it from watching my dad, without his full knowledge, when he would make it. Although my pizzas vary considerably from his, mine-i think-are better. I haven’t become adventurous enough to add tomato slices or make it with pesto instead of tomato-based pizza sauce, but I do make a mean pizza. with as much cheese on it as any person could possible crave.

I spent time describing his process to give you a feel for the care he takes in his cooking. I know. he is a fictional character. But even in books one must show the care a character has for his fellow characters.

If I, by chance, make you hungry, I am not sorry. And though it is not my intent, I love to discuss cooking. Especially when someone is cooking out of love for both the craft and for those around him. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like an exquisite meal.


6 thoughts on “Am I Making You Hungry Yet?

      1. Sometimes but then, around here sometimes it’s the more cooks in the kitchen, the more love gets splattered about. Heee hee

    1. the salad with chicken Marsala came from my days at Perkins Family Restaurant. it was the one salad they sent from the back that I always wanted to try. they don’t have it anymore. (bummer). I thought it added a nice “three course” touch here, the creme brule being the final exquisite touch. and pizza (though not quite like the pizza in the story) is one of my favorites to make. along with lasagna and a few others.

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